Ebay not allowing me to revise auction?!?

  1. Hi, I am selling a high end purse and wanted to upload more pics after a buyer asked for additional pics, but whenever I try to save the changes, a box comes up stating eBay's policy on selling counterfeits and that my account is limited so I cannot list more items....!

    The thing is, I am only revising an item that is already listed and thank goodness, so far eBay has not pulled it down though I am worried about it....:sad: I need to sell my item as soon as possible since I am due to deliver very soon. possibly as early as next week...but not being able to revise/edit means I can't adjust prices if I want to go lower on my price as I was going to if no one bid on it. :sad:

    I have been an eBay member since 1999 with 100% POSITIVE feedback and although I have read over and over again here how ebay is trying to crack down on counterfeit sellers,etc...it still offends and frustrates me that this is afffecting me who is an innocent seller when it comes to counterfeits, and when my track record shows that I have no reason to be questioned. :push:

    Though I considered emailing customer support, I am afraid that they will then really pull down my auction so I haven't yet. Has this happened to someone else?
  2. I guess you can just send the additional pictures to your buyer's email address right?
  3. ^ the buyer had messaged me through ebay without revealing her email address, and earlier in the morn I had responded that I would post pics after returning home from driving my kid to school....well, then I found out I couldn't revise my auctions, so I tried to message the buyer again...but that too was thwarted by ebay...everytime I tried to message the person, it would say that I had already responded to the buyer and not allow me to send another message!!!???!!! this has never happened to me before! Is Ebay just getting weirder and stricter? I don't understand all these limitations that are cropping up all of a sudden! well, I searched the buyer and sent her a note through one of her listed items but she hasn't responded yet w/her email address, so I can't send her the pics...
  4. Yes the samething happened to me! I just clicked on their profile and send them an email. lol! Why dont you contact ebay live help, and explain your situation.
  5. This has happened to me before too. However, keep trying as eventually after about 24hrs I was able to make the changes.
  6. Yeah just give it a few hours. I've had that happen to me too and I sell cheaper things like magazines, not bags. So give it a little more time then see if you can revise it..if not, talk to the Live Help.
  7. Thanks everyone! I will definitely keep trying! As of this morning, ebay is still not allowing me to revise!!! Hopefully it is just a glitch and I will be able to soon, like some of you.... perhaps I should consider live help....
  8. Don't worry the e-mail thing has happened to me too.
  9. This has happen to me a lot its to do with ebay new policy. You need to get in touch with them and tell them, they will then lift the block and you will be able to revise item or like others have said you need to wait quite a while then you can do it
  10. How many pix do you have on the auction now? You can avoid this by using all 12 pix that ebay allows. Quite honestly, its frustrating to me as a buyer when I look for a high end bag and a seller posts 2 pictures just so they can save a few cents. You may find the bag sells faster because you posted a lot of pictures.

    I would message the buyer and ask for her email address and then send her a lot of pix.

    I would also CALL ebay, dont email them, you'll only get a generic message back that doesnt help.

    Good luck on your sale!
  11. i have this prob and i just get retarded emails about how i am restricted from listing more items at that time.

  12. ebay can be so retarded i a huge love hate relationship with ebay
  13. thanks again everyone! I got LIVE HELP and the customer rep gave me a link to email the Trust and Safety agents and ask them to lift the BTAC seller's restriction on my account (which he said is not a personal attack on my specific account but a result of ebay tightening security esp. for certain brand names....) so that I may conintue to revise and sell brand name items...he said it might take a week or so, but if I am fully confident that my items are authentic and since I have excellent feedback, they should lift the restriction for me....well, we'll see....I wrote them an email so we'll see if they eventually lift the restriction!

    In the meantime, I got lucky and after trying and retrying I was able to make a couple of revisions on my auction listing...when I tried to revise again, it didn't work again due to the same problem. At least I got down my price and posted more pics which were the most imp. things I needed to do....
  14. i need to get in touch with ebay's live help because the same thing happened to me last time i had something listed and instead of talking to a representative i just deleted the whole auction and decided i'd sell it another time because i thought it was a glitch...hmm...anyways thanks for the tip~
  15. That happened to me last week. Something about too many revisions looks suspicious.