eBay lowers listing fees to boost sales

  1. Has anybody seen this article yet?


    I have a few things I wanted to list that should sell for a few hundred dollars. I'm not sure if I should list them now or wait until Feb 20th when they make this change. I'd like to know how the final price fee will be effected with items that sell for over $25.
  2. wow, great article.. thanks for posting :tup:
  3. Yeah, this is great and all, but how is it fair that Buyers will only be able to receive positive feedback?? I mean I have had three buyers in the last three weeks outbid someone at the last second by a mere dollar or less and then have never paid. How is it fair that I have to re-list my item and go through all the hassle again, yet the buyer gets off scott free?? I don't like that part!
  4. Yep, just got the email from eBay - sounds like there are going to be a lot of changes! I'm not sure about that buyer feedback change either. :confused1:

  5. did everybody get an email? I haven't gotten one yet.
  6. I got it. I don't quite understand the logic of the buyers getting only positive feedback either. :confused1:
  7. I got an email that they are changing things for power sellers... like lower fees and not having to pay for gallery pictures... I guess every little counts
  8. This is unrelated to the fees but in the email it also said something about expanding the seller protection program. This is what it said:
    • Protection for any shipping address, not just a confirmed address
    • Unlimited annual coverage, not just $5,000 per year
    • Global coverage, extended to 190 countries around the world
  9. I got the email.

    I'm excited for the lower fees! I've only listed 2-3 items and the fees killled me!
  10. Yes they lowering the listing fees,but your final value fee is what is going to bite in the a$$.they went from 5.25% to 8.75%. That sucks b@lls!
  11. Increasing final fee to 8.75% is crazy. It is more than state taxes. I think they are up to make more money instead of helping the selling.
  12. reposted from another thread about the fee changes. i think everyone needs to take a deep breath about these fee changes, there seems to be a lot of confusion going around. the changes are not that bad, in fact, from my calculations, i anticipate saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month with the new structure. unless you are selling items under $25 (which i assume most people here aren't), you aren't really going to notice a huge difference.

  13. The fee changes are nothing compared to the feedback changes....