Ebay HELP!!

  1. :confused1: I know some of you have ordered from seller Rebeccalou28. She has a bag for sell I LOVE but I am so nervous. I ordered a Juicy daydreamer from eBay before & the pics looked good, but when I got it, it was SO fake. The seller did give me a refund, but I'm just scared to bid on an "authentic" handbag again. So any input would really help! Thanks everyone!!
  2. BeckyL, Becks is a great seller, and she deals with authentics only. Besides being a MPRS, she is also an ALVA Seller Select (the latter one is very strict about authenticity, she would not risk that position by involving herself with fake(s)). She's also a member of this board. Why not try to email her and communicate your concerns, I'm sure that can help.
  3. Well that sounds promising...thanks sarahcantiik!
  4. Becky- I love this seller!!!! I bought my favorite LV bag from her! She was great!

    I know you are nervous and have every right to be but this is a terrific seller! Good Luck!
  5. You girls are making me feel more confident. Thanks for your input Zacorey!
  6. I bought my very first LV from her and hope to buy from her again in the future. Authentic all the way!
  7. I agree..I've never bought from her but she's definitely legit..good luck!
  8. Love her! Def. authenthic.
  9. She sells the real deal.
  10. She's one to trust!
  11. Thanks eveyone! I won a black MC pochette from her last week. Can't wait to get it! Now I just need a dust bag for it!
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