Ebay have removed my listing!! grrrrrr

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  1. Can't believe that this morning ebay has removed my Chloe Bay Bag.....not happy!!!

    Bag was brought from Chloe so I know its genuine...soooo annoying!! why do they remove all our genuine bags it just isn't right! I have already sent an email to them but who knows when they will reply!!

    and now I look dodgy....not happy!!!

    They have removed it but at the bottom of the email it says if it appears in your unsold items you can relist? my item does has anyone else had this? I'm thinking maybe I've said something in the listing wrong or something? anyone help :confused1::confused1:
  2. Yeah, I believe probably because the wording that you put on the listing was not appropriate. Please go back to them and ask exactly what was the problem. They should tell you.
  3. I wouldn't bother e-mailing them, I would call. Apparently when people are e-mailing them, they take forever to respond. I would just get instant gratification and call them.
  4. usually the email you receive from ebay about the removed listing will tell you why it was removed. chances are, it's because you used "Chloe" in your listing which violates copyright trademarks... or something like that. i know a few "JCrew" listings get removed, but "J Crew" stays on.