Ebay Has No Idea!!

  1. I listed my AUTHENTIC paddington for sale on e-bay and they SUSPENDED my account. I could not believe it, there are thousands of ugly fakes posted all over the e-bay pages and they suspend me for selling a real one!! Anyway they told me if i opend or used another account during my 7 day minimum suspension that i would be permanantly suspended! So for the past eight days i have not used my e-bay account.

    Now here comes the good part.... You see my husband buys things from garage sales and sells them on e-bay, he has a HUGE user rating all positive! Now e-bay being the small minded people they are went on to suspend my husbands account as we live at the same address (obviously). So now this is a permanent suspension for both of us!!!!

    How unfair!!!! I wrote to e-bay explaining that was his account and that i had not used it.

    I don't see why i was suspended in the first place?!?!

    I'm so so mad, we are now forbidden from opening any e-bay accounts, my husbands buying and selling is like a second income to us as i stay home with our four young children. This was the first time i have ever tried to sell a bag on e-bay.... Now what do i do?!?!

    I guess i'm definately on purse ban now, i think i'm going to be broke!!

    Has this happend to anyone else and does anyone know how i can fix this?:cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  2. Yep, happened to me and my sister, but it was okay in the end, we mailed and explained that there were 4 of us each having an eBay account. They gave our accounts back though, good luck!
  3. This was happen to us too. My husband, my daughter and me. You need to write to eBay, reply directly from the notification you have received regarding the suspension. Explain that each of you have separate account and did not interact with each other. Good luck. Hope they will re-instate your and your husband account soon.
  4. I have heard of this happening before too. On one hand it does prevent many scammers from opening account after account. However, I completely understand your situation. Like the others said contact eBay and explain what has happened and I am sure they will reinstate you both after a short suspension.
    Good luck & keep us posted!
  5. If you can, email ebay with proof of purchase or evidence that your chloe bag is authentic. As for your husband's account being suspended, IMHO that is waaaay out of line, you weren't using that account so they should not have suspended it. Maybe even try live help? I hope it all works out for you :smile:
  6. Did they pull the listing a first time? Did you re-list without going through Vero? If so, that's why you got suspended. You have to have the Vero representative (or ebay's permission) to relist the item.

    Before doing anything, pay an authenticator to authenticate it (whomever does Chloe and is authorized by PayPal/Ebay).
  7. I had only listed this bag once, it was the first thing i had ever sold on e-bay.

    I e-mailed e-bay and they keep sending me those damn automated responses!! Arghhh this is so annoying!

    I have written yet another response.... ill let you know how i go.

    Thanks for the help by the way its greatly appreciated.
  8. in there agreement they can suspend accounts of family member and associates,
    its crazy they have gone completely nuts
    think its because there so scared re vuitton dior lawsuit and there loosing money hand over fist with skype
    i hope they go down the pan
  9. So sorry to hear....welcome to eBay...:sad:
  10. Well here is the latest update.
    First my husband wrote to them asking them to reinstate his account, they replied asking him to get me to write to them from my e-mail regarding this issue and then they would asses the situation.

    So i write to them from my e-mail account, they responded to me asking me to get my husband to write to them from his e-mail account regarding this issue and then they would asses the situation!?!? WTF

    I seriously think they are going nuts!!!! Anyway i wrote to them again and they said for my account to be re-instated i will need to sign a declaration form they sent me, make an oath and then return it, then they MIGHT open my account!!

    As for my husbands account, well i am still awaiting a response....They are soooo slow.

  11. You are right, they are going nuts! Well, at least they gave you response. And usually after you send in the "oath", eBay will re-instate the suspended account within a couple of days.
  12. Just wondered how you were doing??
    Its terrible how they treat decent people