ebay, freedom!!

  1. I just closed my eBay account and paypal!! Free at last, I was sold a fake Marc Jacobs Bag and had to pay out of my pocket to ship it back!! I did get a refund but I am still out money and the frustration it all caused, so I said :tdown: and quit.:yahoo::roflmfao::cursing: They'll not get any more of my money!!
  2. I am currently in a PayPal claim. My seller agreed to the return and now isn't responding to me and hasn't refunded my money, even though the package was delivered.

    I won't shut down my accounts because I may shop eBay for other things. But I think I've decided that eBay isn't the right place for me to purchase bags. There are too many things I don't know and too many things that can go wrong on items with higher price points.

    But I'm glad you are happy with your decision. I know I will feel like a weight is off my shoulders when this claim is settled!
  3. Kudos to you! I'm also thinking about not buying on eBay any more and just selling. I do buy alot of books but I can't stand the competitive bidding, the waiting, and the amount of money that sellers are asking for for a used designer handbag. I'd rather spend the extra money and get a new one because I always baby my bags unlike some people who sell them with stains, marks, odors, etc. and have the nerve to ask for $300+ :wtf: Uhhhh...I don't think so.
  4. One thing to note, ebay only gets money from sellers. No fee is charged to buyers.

    There are good handbag sellers on ebay but they also usually charge an appropriate price for authentic merchandise that has been properly cared for!