eBAY-Eyes Wide Open !

  1. I was just checking my e-mails and came across this one from a seller I have dealt with in the past.
    She was kind enough to give her regular buyers a heads up on the current happenings over there at the present time.
    This is a information E-mail as a courtesty to all my buyers - PLEASE BE AWARE - there is a major overseas Scam on E-bay as we speak. They are charging ENORMOUS shipping fees and very LOW prices on ALL designer merchandise. Please know that E-bay is working on this right now and I am part of the task force that has been recruited to help out. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING on E-bay that you are not sure off. Most of their id's seem to be random numbers and letters with about 10-15 positive feedbacks. They have hijacked previous accounts. I am sending this only as a courtesy to my past buyers. Feel free to notify your friends - I am NOT contacting people randomly - ONLY MY OWN buyers. I just do not have the time. Thank you again for your past business and please BE CAREFUL on E-bay!! Gina

    Stay sharp,don't get taken in by one of these scams.
  2. This is completly true. I am a seller on eBay and these scams are true and they jeapordise us legitimate sellers.
  3. Also realize that the scammers are stealing photos of authentic bags for their listings. If you notice a listing where the price seems too good to be true, it's likely that you are viewing a scam auction with a stolen photo.
  4. Yes this is completely true. Watch out for anybody selling from China - the bags are way too cheap to be real, the shipping costs are like $38, and the feedback for these people is almost always 10 positives or hidden.

    I belong to another forum where they talk about Coach bags and last weekend the administrators of the web site spent hours and hours turning in fake sellers to e-bay, they could not keep up.

    The scammers are back this weekend (I think there are less e-bay people to pull the fake bags off the site on weekends) and at it again. Most of the fake Coach bags are for sale for $80. Last weekend they had alot of Coach bags for $45. Peggy
  5. reminds me of the fake paddington that cost 99cents but shipping fees of $200.. hahaha.
    Some sellers are pathetic.
  6. the scammers are posting up auctions that usually last 1 or 2 days... they know that's how long it takes to take down their auction. i have reported so many fakes in the past few weeks only to see them go down and come right back up under new sellers. the sellers aren't even concerned that their descriptions match the pictures they steal and post. it's truly pathetic. what's sad is i've notice on the completed listing of some of these fakes... there are buyers. i wonder if they even get a bag sent to them. hopefully ebay will truly do something soon.
  7. I really wish e-bay would finally find a fic for this problem...It's disgusting.

    On another note - Kat- you're avatar is sooo adorable!
  8. Im soooo glad ebay are doing something.... Ive been reporting lists and lists of auctions like this to ebay.... I was so angry they were hijacking honest sellers pictures....:sad: I figured that eventually ebay would get fed up with me sending them these reports, and now Ive discovered this great forum and you all have been doing the same.... brilliant work! :biggrin:
  9. I've had two friends who recently had their accounts hacked into and their passwords changed. These thiefs listed around 100 Gucci bags with a low BIN price. My friend ended up with the listing fees but all the profits were sent to the thiefs paypal account. How strange is that. Scary too!!