ebay: excessive shipping fees

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  1. Hi!

    I just bought a pair of designer jeans on ebay. The shipping was stated with 48$ ( shipped from the US to Europe), an I was fine with that bc I thougt the jean would be shipped with signature confirmation, tracking an insurance.

    The jeans arrived yesterday, really porly packed in an envelope, without silk paper or something else, no sign. confirmation, no tracking and no insurance... The coast for the shipping were only 13.45$!

    I asked the seller for a partial refund and he said no because ebay automatically calculate the shipping for him and than tells him how much it would be for the method he choses. Is that true?

    I thougt excessive shipping fees are against the ebay rules?

    Thanks Ladies!
  2. You are right but it is my understanding that you can report it while the auction is still going. Not sure about that when it is already over and you paid for the xs shipping!

    Maybe another member knows more about this!! GL!
  3. If that is the case that ebay automatically calculate the shipping for him and than tells him how much it would be for the method he choses. Then he would see that he only paid $13.45 and that would mean he needs to adjust his paypal invoice to you.

    How do you know what it cost him? Was there a stamp on the package with that price of postage?
  4. Ebay does calculate international shipping automatically, but he might have selected more expensive (and fast) shipping method then sent it to you via first class (based on the postage amount, I'm assuming it is). Go back to your listing and see what method he selected (priority or express)- if it is other than the first class then you have a case here.
  5. I would email ebay with a copy of your ebay invoice and a copy of the shipping label with the price on. maybe they can contact the seller, and if nothing can be done, ding the shipping cost stars and leave a neutral feedback. good luck! :smile:
  6. There´s a stamp on the envelope wich says 13.45$.

    In the listing was stated USPS Priority Mail International.

    pigalle74 do you think he used an other shipping method as he mentioned?
  7. I would take a picture of the package where it shows the stamp and email it to ebay saying that you were overcharged for shipping and you have proof. I don't see why ebay won't refund you the difference.
  8. No international priority shipping other than the small flat rate box (very tiny) would be $13.45 to ship. Also does it have a small green customs form (instead of multiple slips inside of a plastic sleeve), if so it IS the first class.

    Also on ebay, you're allowed to add handling costs and inflated the weight, so while it does calculate the costs, the seller can definitely manipulate it easily.

    Tell him that he failed to ship the item as stated on the auction- I think you can also report to ebay but I'm not sure.
  9. Ok, thank you! I will take a pic and send it to ebay.
  10. You´re right there´s only a small greem patch for customs on it.
  11. I learned my lesson now... :faint: Ebay doesn´t always side with the buyer... I was now on live chat with ebay and here is what they told me:

    "Since it is legal to charge the shipping fee depends on what they used to mail it we wont be able to ask the seller to pay the excess shipping fee."
  12. Ebay chat is worthless these day- do you think you can call them? Did you tell them the seller charged for priority shipping and sent it via first mail?
  13. Yes, I told it to them. I think if I´ve I call them, that would be more expensive then the shipping. I´m in Europe... They said I could left a negative.
  14. Oh that sucks to hear, OP. Neg that seller!
  15. That sucks. But leave him a negative!!