ebay courtesy coupon

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  1. im not quite sure if this is ok to post (if not, feel free to let me know) but i just won an auction for a nwt botkier trigger bag (look ma, no link!) and i have my ebay courtesy coupon.

    im so excited, i had to share!! my courtesy coupon was for 300 and i won the item for 325 plus 15 s&h. so basically im getting a botkier bag for 40bucks (well, plus tax)! wheeeeee. that, ladies, is the cheapest ive paid for an authentic designer bag.

    anybody else receive a ebay courtesy coupon? if so, what did you spend it on?
  2. i read somewhere here that a woman got $1000
  3. Wow, I only got one good for $10 and couldn't find anything to use it on and it expired.
  4. I NEVER get those coupons. Ebay really Im not feeling the love over here.

    (look ma, no link!) LOL

    I think you can post the link to an item you won. Just not any your selling. And Im sure Ill be corrected if im wrong.
  5. Did you buy the item first, then get the coupon code to pay with, or did they send you the code ahead of time? I have some louboutins I'm watching and would totally buy if I thought I would even get a $100 code! (I got the $10 code. I need more that that! Although I used the $10 code on a $50 replacement car radio.)
  6. I got one last week for $1500.00 and I purchase a Chanel.
    I got the bag and it is beautiful!
    By the way a also settled my original dispute that prompted eBay to give me the coupon, so it was a win win for me!!!!
  7. i never ever received any coupons from ebay, even $10 ones.. :sad:
  8. I just bought an item. I'm half thinking I should put in a dispute and put "whoops, put in dispute for the wrong item" and close it right away, and see if they send me a coupon (I'm not going to do that, because it's not nice to do to my poor seller, but I'm only half-kidding).
  9. I've never even heard of a courtesy coupon! What is it?
  10. i know i have never had one. Booo sniff sniff.
  11. I really hope you are not implying that I filed a dispute in an effort to get a courtesy coupon or somehow defraud Paypal and or Ebay. I had a legit claim and was nice enough to accept a partial refund so the seller would not have a negative Paypal balance and all the hassle that goes with owing Paypal money. I am a reasonable person, the seller admitted the item was not New as listed and offered a partial refund to make it right. Sould I return the courtesy coupon, no, I did not ask for it, they gave it to me with no strings attached.
  12. ^^ It was a joke because only unscrupulous people would do that. I don't think you did that.
  13. i never got a coupon either....sucks
  14. I had a $50 one once but didn't use it.
  15. how easy is it to use those courtesy coupons? seriously, i should get at least a $10 coupon b/c of a NPS who closed their account and scammed tons of other buyers who had also purchased magazine subscriptions. unfortunately for me paypal also denied my claim for a refund since it was past the time limit.