Ebay- Can I trust "authentic" Chloe

  1. HI, I am considering buying a Chloe on line at Ebay, a Betty.
    Skins are under a 1000 and leather at @ 500 ---
    any input.. I have a feeling there are experts out there?
  2. You should goto the authenticate this thread and post the auction. There are several experts that can help you out. There are sellers that sell fakies at high prices too!!! :yucky: It's best to post the auction and wait for responses :yes:

    I bought a python silverado at 1300 usd used and it was still considered a steal. It would be hard to imagine an authentic snakeskin betty at over 4000 usd original price approximately to be sold under 1000 as authentic.
  3. ^^^I agree with D&G