Ebay and Authenticity

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  1. I always wonder why sellers on Ebay claim that their LV is authentic when it is really a fake???

    Aren't they supposed to give honest descriptions? I just know that if I had received a fake, I would be VERY upset. I once bid on a LV scarf before asking any questions because the auction was ending and, of course, I won the bid. After e-mailing the seller and asking about REAL authenticity (claiming that I would go into LV store and check with SAs), the seller told me that the scarf was a fake and I shouldn't worry about paying him/her. If I didn't ask, I would've paid and wasted my money!

    Some people amaze me...
  2. Mostly because some people are big, fat liars!

    Some of these really "smart" people have even tried to post thier fakes here, like we wouldn't notice!:lol:

    It's REALLY sad and it amazes me too:sad:
    I report as many as I have time too, but I feel it's in vain.:sad2:
  3. How do you report them????
  4. Just as I don't know why people would steal. I think most of them has the mentality that they won't get caught.
  5. I like when they say it is 100% authentic. As opposed to 80% authentic, I don't get it!
    Always look for feedback where the item number is marked private. It is a bad sign.
  6. Not necessarily true. I have seen a few sellers that leave their items as private, but sell authentic items.
  7. HAHAH! So funny... I put 100% authentic on my auctions, too, just because everyone else seems to. You're so right.
  8. I just open a new window and sigh into eBay, click on "Help" at the top of the page and then type in "couterfeit" as the search topic. It'll give you a few options and counterfeit goods is one of them, in the link is a place for you to report a bunch of listings.
    Here's a shortcut so you can see it:
  9. Why do they put private for the feedback on the items auctioned previously? This time I am asking for real, sorry, didn't mean to offend anyone.
  10. The only reason I can personally think of is because they have something to hide.
    If you want to protect your Buyers, you can just make your bidders Private. But I can't think of a good reason why to make your entire feedback history private.
  11. re: private feedback

    I have no idea... but right after I left feedback for that nice lady that sold me the Chanel, she made her feedback private for no apparent reason. Her rating didn't go down, and from what I saw before, she didn't seem to have anything to hide. No clue.
  12. Bizarre, right?
  13. I saw one seller who had the -pardon my bluntness- balls to say that the handbag was authenticated at a store. It was an easy-tell fake, like LVs not lined up fake, and she still put that~!
  14. These days people will put anything on Ebay. I think it has gotten to be so huge they just can't control it. One day I heard (about a year ago) on CNN that a guy posted a missle launcher up for sell. They said the reason they caught it was he tried to separate the actual launcher from some other part of the weapon. I am being totally serious, too.
  15. Well...the only reason I can think of is perhaps they do not want people to track what bags they have sold, and compare old auctions to new auctions of the same bag. Nothing about questionable authenticity, but just business practices?