Ebay..Allowing Counterfeit sites to advertise!

  1. Its true...I just clicked on one of the advertisements at the bottom of a search page (the sponsered by area)..and it took me to a counterfiet Louis Vuitton Web site!

    this is totally obsurd! So much for eBay's reassurence that they are "cracking down" on the counterfieters! :cursing::cursing::cursing:
  2. yikes! I just went to close down the site..and couldn't help but notice the sites statement of..."You can shop with confidence knowing that authenticity is guaranteed." Yea right..they have a Perfo-Speedy listed for 479.99...whatever..

    Not that it probably would do any good...but does anyone know how to alert eBay that this link is openly being advertised on eBay??????
  3. Check your PM.
  4. I was curious about that....not on ebay but I think it was Cosmo magazine.

    My friend came to me wanting me to sell a coach purse on ebay for, first question I asked was is it real? She tol me "no, it is a fake...I got it from a website that I found in my magazine" I then asked if they sold it as a designer inspired....Nope it was sold as a coach replica, coach creed and all....how is that going on.

    I must say in her defense, she didn't know it was illegal. She was afraid to even carry the purse back to her car after we had the discussion.

    How can they get away with this? I will try to get the website from her next week when I see her again.
  5. thanks for the info...I try your recommendation..and hope it works:tup: