eBay 2016 Spring Seller Update

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  1. eBay Fee Changes Are Part of 2016 Spring Seller Update
    April 05, 2016

    eBay is raising fees for Store owners and for optional features for items priced over $150, it revealed as part of its 2016 Spring Seller Update. It's also making some major policy changes including a ban on active content that could prove disruptive to sellers in how they present their listing descriptions.

    Also sure to be controversial is a decision to automatically generate a shortened description of a product that would be shown to mobile users. As we note in the EcommerceBytes Blog, sellers are already concerned that mobile shoppers are not reading descriptions carefully enough, leading to increased dissatisfaction and returns.

    Here's how eBay describes the changes to how listings will appear to mobile shoppers:

    The new View Item description for mobile features a clean and consistent item description summary. eBay derives a brief, 250-character, text-only description summary from your full item description. This provides relevant listing information that allows shoppers to make fast, informed buying decisions.

    For the summary, we determine which content in your full item description is most relevant by identifying keywords that shoppers use to search for your items. If your full item description uses basic HTML, CSS or text-only descriptions, and is no more than 800 characters, we will display the full description when buyers view your item description on their mobile devices.

    Because the new View Item description summary is automatically generated by eBay, no action is required from you. If you want to highlight information that isn’t captured in our auto-generated summaries, you can choose the specific listing information you want to show using more advanced HTML options. This functionality is ideal for items that have unique characteristics, such as arts, antiques and collectibles.

    More: http://www.ecommercebytes.com/cab/abn/y16/m04/i05/s05

    From eBay:

  2. More fixing what isn't broken!
  3. Welps, I have a few more cheap items to sell then after that, I'm done with eBay. I'm sticking with Tradesy for now on.
  4. Plated jewelry, electroplate and cubic zirconia are now considered "fine jewelry?"

  5. interesting how SNADS will play out with the wiki description
  6. #6 Apr 10, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016
    That's exactly!

    I feel the same, eBay is more friendly for PowerSeller, than for us individual seller.
  7. Plus they charge too much commission from the $$$ sellers. I don’t think selling a $3000 bag will cost ebay 100 times more IT resources or customer service hours than selling a $30 item.
  8. Commissions aren't based on IT resources or customer service hours. Every site and even consignment stores charge a commission of a percentage of the selling price.

    And it's proportional across the board -- 10% is 10% whether it's $300 on a $3k item or $3 on a $30 item.
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    That part for sure, it's not right though.

    If you buy it in store, no matter it's 10% or 30% commissions, it's totally fine, cause the SA will definitely put in more efforts selling more expensive $$$ items.

    But it does not make sense for eBay to have the same pricing/commission model.

    What makes eBay charge more commissions(same %, but huge differences in $ amount) on expensive merchandise? Did eBay put in more customer services or IT resources on a $3000 bag, than a $30 one? That's the real question.
  10. :wtf: Whaaaat????
  11. Oh, My!!! I do not consider plated gold/silver base metal, cubic zirconia, man made gemstones (with the exception of man made Sapphires or Rubies in antique jewelry that is in keeping with the era of the piece), or faux stones fine jewelry. Buying fine jewelry on Ebay is already extremely challenging due to the massive amounts of fakes & cheap, low grade crap already being sold there. Ebay's new policy just makes it that much harder. While I do my research & only buy from reputable jewelers that I am familiar with, it's still tough wading through page after page after page of listings with the majority of them not what I'm interested in. Sometimes the search refines will leave things out due to how the item was listed.

    With this new change, the sellers of fakes & the cheap knock offs are going to have a field day!! I have already noticed some listings of some jewelry pieces that I am very familiar with claiming the stones are something they are not. The claims are that the stones, while genuine gemstones, are listed as fine gemstones such as Sapphires or Rubies. This to me is misleading & an out right lie.