Easy way to cut your dog's nails?

  1. I have two German Shepherds about 2 years old. The female (Lisa) accepts the nail cutting and doesn't fight it, but the male (Bart) cries and runs away!! Even simply holding his paw makes him yelp. He'll growl sometimes and grumble something, but he's never done anything more than that so he's not a danger. I'm not sure what else to do with him. I know I can give him medication to put him to sleep, but I want that to be the last resort...
  2. We just take our dogs to PetSmart. I always worry about damaging their nails if we do it ourselves, and besides, they fidget too much for us to be able to groom them that way.
  3. my dog does the same thing. i don't try and do it all at once. maybe one or two paws one night and the other two a few nights later. she seems a lot more accepting of it that way. i also try and do all her grooming right after a very very long romp on the beach so she's tired and doesn't seem to care as much. she's more accepting of holding still that way.

    good luck!
  4. If you clicker train you can use a clicker to get them used to the trimming.

    First let him get used to him grabbing your paws, grab his paw, click then treat (use teeny tiny treats size of a tic tac). Continue to do this until he willingly gives you his paw. Then hold his paw for a few minutes, click treat. If he is trying to pull it away don't click until he stops then click and treat immediately. Continue doing this until he is comfortable with you holding his feet. Then put the nail clippers up to his nail, click and treat if he doesn't pull his paw away. Then trim one nail click treat.

    You may have to do this in several sessions. My girl didn't like to have her nails trimmed, now when I show her the clippers she lays down and relaxes. Of course when I am done she gets a treat.
  5. My dog wont let me, so I use a nail block and buff (file) them down....he tries to lick the dust off the block, If I get clippers he runs for the hills!
  6. I give up trying to clip my dog's nails. Now I just let the groomer do it for me.
  7. I go to the vet...Violet hates it with a passion and I just prefer not to be the bad guy...Lilly could care less...but I just find it easier to take them both in and 2- minutes later they are happy and so am I.
  8. Just teach your dog that having his feet touched is ok. If he acts up do not reward him by letting him have his way. Hold on to his foot until he relaxes and then let go and praise/reward.

    In the meanwhile how about getting your husband to hold the dog while you trim. The best hold is one arm on the neck and the other under the lower abdomen. Hug the dog and hold on... and you trim the nails without incident. If the dog gets snappy/vicious over the foot fondling muzzle and then go ahead. Keep a container of Quick Stop (or other styptic powder, preferably with benzocayne (sp?) added) handy in case a quick gets cut.

    Nail trimming is important, and as winter is here required more often in snowy climates. Good luck and remember that even though it may be a struggle to start, it turns out well in the end!
  9. I tried having one other person restrain him as I cut his nails and it's not that easy. This 100 pound dog is powerful! He's fine with us holding his paw though, and he willingly gives us his paw when we say "shake". It's when he sees the nail clipper that he runs.

    How does Petsmart do the clipping? Do they chain him up or anything?
  10. Princess gets groomed often, so I dont have to clip her nails. But I clip Mariah's, she used to be OK with it, just let me do it and not care. But for the past 6 months or so she has absolutely HATED it. So I just clip what I can each day, until they are all done. It usually takes 3 days to get her 2 front paws done. Her back paws file down by themselves because of the concrete in the backyard.
  11. I am a professional groomer, and I don't work for PetSmart... I only run my own business :upsidedown:.

    I cut large difficult dog's toenails just as I described above (One arm under and around neck, the other under lower belly, and hug firmly). Difficult dogs are held this way by my DH whilst I trim. Once dogs are convinced that behaving badly is not getting them out of the situation they settle down. Remember if the level of bad progresses to biting - muzzle your dog to insure safety for all.
  12. I remember reading in the "Raising your Dog" books, you're supposed to touch their paws and massage them so that they get used to it. Also, I usually let my dog run around and tire herself out so that she won't resist the nail cutting. If not, I would just get my sister to hug her while I clip away.
  13. my dog loves me touching his paws....He just doesn't want me clipping his nails!:p
  14. Groomer for me!
  15. Groomer as well - Lizz hates to have her paws touched and it's a losing battle with a determined and squirming min pin.