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  1. Hello-- what kind of earrings do you pair with 10 motif vintage alhambra? I have the yg and am having a hard time finding something to complement the necklace. Thanks in advance.
  2. Gold frivoles, YG/diamond Alhambra (these are extremely versatile, I wear them with many different color necklaces), and perlee hoops are all easy to wear and look terrific together.

  3. +1

    In addition, the Magic Alhambra earclips (1 motif) looks STUNNING and it complements the whole look if you are looking for earrings from the same collection.
  4. Perfect advice!!!

  5. To avoid confusion, these ear clips are called Super Alhambra.

  6. They are called Magic

  7. I wear my large yellow gold frivoles.

  8. OK - the ones I purchased in onyx were called Super and some of the others have referred to Super describe theirs.
  9. For those of you that have these Magic Alhambra earrings will you please post pictures and offer advice. Based on feedback I am considering these now in MOP and YG. Are they heavy? Do they hurt like the Frivole? Do they look too matchy with the necklace when worn together?
  10. I call them Supers, too!!
    They must have changed the name on the website....

  11. Thanks tgg! I knew I wasn't crazy.
    Yes, apparently VCA decided to change the description .
  12. I hope the picture comes out right!
    Sorry this took awhile NYTexan, I was getting frustrated with error messages when trying to upload the picture.

    I have the MOP/YG magic earclips. I don't feel that they are heavy. I can wear them for the entire day if I want to. I had the tension in the clips loosened and the posts lengthened after I purchased them.

    I don't own Frivole earclips because my earholes are pierced too high and they give me a 'muffin lobe'. Frivole earclips are not for me. :sad:

    I usually wear my magic earclips without a pendant. They are impactful enough for me. :biggrin:
    If I were to wear a pendant, hypothetically, I would probably wear a long magic pendant or a vintage pendant instead. :thinking: HTH!

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  13. If your frivoles hurt your ears you need to have them adjusted.
    They should not hurt.
  14. These are so pretty on you!!!
  15. Aw thanks tgg! :blush:
    I :heart: them!