Early Valentines' gift!!

  1. My kids gave me my Valentines' gift early & it is the Lyndsey sandals. I have been wanting them for this summer. Woohoo!!
    coach shoes.jpg coach shoes1.jpg
  2. That is an awesome gift!!! You must have done a great job with the kids!!!:yes: And the sandals are gorgeous
  3. Beautiful!
    You've got some great kids there!:yes:
  4. Gorgeous Sandals! Your kids are so sweet to think of you like that.
  5. Cute sandals and great kids!!
  6. What thoughtful kids, gorgeous gift!
  7. Thanks everyone! Yeah, my kids are great & I know they had some help from their daddy!! Now I just hope he gets me the Coach watch that I really want. Hope that doesn't sound too selfish? I just love my Coach:smile:
  8. Congrats!!! What sweet kids!
  9. Those sandals are adorable! Congrats!
  10. How sweet of them! And your hubby too. Congratulations on having such a great family. :smile:
  11. Awesome Valentines gift. Great kids, with great taste.
  12. Those sandals are gorgeous! Sweet kids (& hubby)!
  13. Very nice ! Congrats! and your kids are very sweet
  14. That is so sweet and the shoes are adorable! Congrats!
  15. that's so sweet, congrats!!