early Spy bags

  1. I think the Spy first came out in Fall 2004, and I got my Cognac Spy in July 2005 at Fendi NY. The leather looks quite different from most of the bags I see posted here--it seems smoother, less textured, and lighter in color than newer Cognacs. Did Fendi change the leather? Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. The newer Cognac Spy bags are different from the older, first season bags. Like you mentioned, the color of the leather on the newer bags is darker, and the texture of the leather is different as well. I think the color and the texture of the handles are a slightly different as well.
  3. The spy first came out SS 05.

    Yes, the texture was not nearly as pronounced in the first batch of bags, and the color and finish of the leather is different on the cognacs as well. Because there was so much demand for "texture, turtley" bags, Fendi changed it's production to produce leather that was more textured. Also because original SS 05-FW 05 cognacs didn't have a shiny protective coating, the dye with wear unevely on the bag (especially where the front flap rubs against the front of the bag, and the corners). Some SA's claimed that this was an intentional effect, to make the bag's leather more vintage-y. However, again, angry consumers returned their bags, demanding higher quality and starting in SS 06, the cognac spys had a shiny protective coating added. It doesn't make the leather less soft, but it does darkened the leather slightly and make it less prone to wear.
  4. I've got one of those early Spys, and there are a few spots where the leather is wearing. Does Fendi suggest Apple Garde to condition their bags?
  5. Fendi doesn't suggest any product. In fact, Fendi's official stance on the matter is that the wear is intentional and that no product should be applied to their bags ever.

    However, I have friends who have applied Apple Garde to the light spots on their spy bags with moderate success. It doesn't completely restore the leather because the dye has been worn off, but it does restore some of the suppleness of the leather, and helps prevent further deterioration.
  6. Thanks for the advice.