Early Christmas reveal! Peacock PS1!! :)

  1. Hi ladies!! I received my PS1 from the Barneys 40% sale and I'm in love. I have one other PS1 (in Feldspar from 2011) but was really disenchanted after I had screw issues and had to practically go to war with the PS peeps in NY before they would repair it, since was pre-owned.

    After that, I figured that would be my only PS, because I refuse to pay full price for these bags (I love them, but I do personally feel that they are over-priced.) I jumped on a chance for 40% though! And I was worried about Peacock b/c it looks sooo different in pictures online, but I do love it.

    It's a rich blue that can change drastically in the light. These were snapped in my office under artificial lighting.

    First pic is most true to color:


  2. It's gorgeous! The peacock blue is my favorite PS1 color of all time. So lucky to have gotten it 40% off!
  3. Congrats!! :biggrin: The color and the leather looks amazing!
  4. beautiful bag
  5. it's a beautiful color! congrats!
  6. Thanks, ladies!! Here's a quick pic in the sunlight, it comes off much brighter.

  7. Beautiful!!!!!! Looks great on you =] Color is lovely!
  8. Such a gorgeous rich colour! Congrats. :smile:
  9. love it! what a bargain.
    what do you think about the quality? i'm been debating over a black ps1 forever..
  10. Thank you!!! I have a feldspar (olive, avocado kind of green) that I adore other than the one QC issue I had when I first got the bag (screw came loose). I can load it up for daily use or take it traveling or out on the town with next to nothing inside and it's so lightweight, and stays on my shoulder well. I also love the leather on my Feldspar.

    Likewise, this one seems to be made from the thick, chewy leather like my feldspar one, which I prefer. I've have seen some of the other colors in person and it seems like the thickness of the leather can vary a LOT depending on the color. I would guess that a classic black would also be made of this leather.
  11. Been wanting this particular size and color. :loveeyes: You are so lucky.
  12. Beautiful colour and at 40% off you've done well!!!

  13. Sorry to chime in here but the quality is amazing. I have the black with black hardware ps1 and the leather is to die for and gets softer everyday. Also don't have to baby it which I love.
  14. So gorgeous...Congrats!
  15. Love this color!