Early Christmas Present!

  1. I just came back from my H store and the manager told me I should have my dream bag (35cm graphite Birkin) by Christmas! :yahoo:

    I am soooo excited and had to share this with all of you. She also took out a cherve bifold bearn wallet in rose shocking and I thought it would look really good with Ms B!

    So I am now a proud owner of my first Bearn and keeping my fingers crossed for an early Christmas pressie!
  2. How exciting! Congrats!
  3. Pics! Pics please, Sasa.....I'd love to see your new Bern in Rose Shocking!!! Congratulations!!!!!
  4. Thank you Rose and Shopmom. I have a confession... I have absolutely no idea how to attach photos. Is there a link that that shows how to this?:shame:
  5. congrats!

    I have seen a kelly in graphite and it's a lovely color.... a shade lighter than black... dark grey (birkin) and rose shocking (bearn) are a match made in hermes heaven
  6. Congratulations! Please post pictures as soon as you get her!
  7. Wow - sounds gorgeous! Can't wait to see :yes:
  8. That is something to get excited about!!!

    I also think they will look amazing together!!!!!!!!
  9. Sasa, If you have the images stored on your computer. You only need to click the 'paper clip' icon in the menu where you write replies/start threads. By holding your mouse pointer over the 'paper clip' it says "Attachments".

    When you click this icon, a pop-up appears, it allows you to upload images from your computer. Just click 'Browse', and another pop-up will appear that allows you to browse your computers file directory. Find the image and click OK. Repeat the process if you have more than one image (only 3 are allowed per post).

    Then clik 'upload' and the images are uploaded to tPF.

    The only problem you could encounter is if your images are too big. You can resize them in your image program on your computer, but I guess you'll just have to try with the current size, you'll get an error message if it is too big.

    Good luck and can't wait to see pics! :yahoo:
  10. I think I finally managed to attach some pictures! Special thanks to Kellybag and Baggiegirl.:smile:
    Bearn1.JPG Bearn2.JPG
  11. Sasa, your Bearn wallet is gorgeous! Congratulations!

    And what great news that you would be receiving your graphite Birkin by Xmas! :yahoo: What leather would this Birkin be in?
  12. i love the wallet!!!
    can't wait to see the bag!!!:yahoo:
  13. it's prueeeeeeeeeetttt--ttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...
  14. Thank you everyone for your compliments!

    My SA showed me other colours (etoupe, blue jean) but they are paled in comparison to rose shocking.

    Mrs S, I was so excited I forgot to ask! I'm guessing it will be the usual togo or clemence as the H store here seldom get Birkins in exotic.
  15. [​IMG]


    I wouldn't mind this color one bit myself.