E/W Old Chain - Colors Anywhere?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm trying to buy what I can before the next increase lol. I collect the E/W (with the old chain) in different colors--if anyone has seen white, or any other color besides black, beige or red, please let me know :yes: Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. I think I saw white at my NM in Plano, TX today... you can call and ask for Jessica she can tell you if they had it.
  3. I'd love to see pictures of the ones you have already! I'm trying to decide between the E/W and the MC flap and any pics would help!!

  4. they had a cool blue color at theChanel in Orlando (mall at millenia)
  5. I saw a coral one in Hamburg, Germany. Not sure if they will ship it to the US though...
  6. they had grey in palm beach gardens fla. ask for jillian. she pulled it out of a side closet. pretty- especially since grey is so hot now.
  7. pm'd you :p
  8. THANK YOU! I ordered it today and Jillian was fabulous :p
  9. Good luck on your search! I have a white e/w and it is so pretty!
  10. oh wow! your one lucky girl!! hehe
    i am also looking for one too any more colours girls?? hehe :heart: