e/w caviar reissue in white

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  1. Hey ladies, I just want ask a favor.:blush: If anyone sees this bag at one of their boutiques in white, please please let me know. I am in love. I saw a medium version at Saks today and asked if they would get the e/w version but the SA said NO, NO! I will not get it! ( in a russian accent so she kind of scared me.) I borrowed this pic from Connster.

    TIA! :tup:
  2. Oh love that bag! Good luck!
  3. I saw it in white in the medium flap size this morning at Saks phoenix. I didn;t ask about the e/w size but it was hot! I would ahve bought the jumbo if Saks had it...the color is kind of a dirty white and the new chain strap is really sharp. the metal color was kind of a dark/washed silver. call saks Phoenix at 602-955-8000, my SA is Maddy @ x. 5354
  4. I bought mine at the Chanel in the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and they had more than one. Gime them a call, they might have one. Good luck, it's a great bag....and it feels soft too!!!
  5. I hope you find one, good luck.

    Just for future reference this is technically not a "reissue".
  6. luv it!
  7. Oh sorry!!! :push: I appreciate you correcting me. I think I confuse the mademoiselle lock with reissue...maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about. Yeah, that's probably it. What is a reissue?
  8. I saw that here in HK last 2 days ago. THE WHITE ONE.
  9. Technically a reissue is made exactly (same design, shape, closure, chain, etc.) as the original 2.55 designed and introduced by Coco Chanel in February 1955. This bag has the mademoiselle closure (same as the original 2.55) but new chain - so while it is a version of the 2.55 it is not a "reissue" because it is not identical to the original.

  10. ^ahhhh. Thanks mon. :idea:
  11. Ahhhhh I am super confused now :confused1:
    I actually thought whatever had the rectangle lock was a reissue. But now I see it's called a mademoiselle lock. So that bag (picture above) would be a reissue but the size and chain is not correct therefore making it a flap/mademoiselle lock/new chain??? Ok I need to be educated!!!

    <~~~~ dum dum
  12. Do any of you ladies know the price of the e/w w/ mademoiselle lock and new chain?

  13. ^i have no idea.....the medium is $2275.
  14. I'm loving the white jumbo of this handbag... How much does it retail?
  15. is this the one? I bought this 2 weeks ago....