E-Luxury VIP

  1. So I just got an email from them saying I have become a VIP member. What are the perks...are there any?
  2. Oh! How exciting! :nuts:

    I wonder what that means?
  3. I think one of the perks is that you always get free shipping ... I could be wrong, I'm sure others will pipe in.
  4. i just received an e-mail regarding VIP status too! i'm wondering how i even got it... i haven't ordered anything in months. doesn't seem to be many perks other than what's listed in the e-mail
  5. One perk is you get advance notice when they will be selling LE items.
  6. I don't know what it means, but I wish I was one! I love that website!
  7. I got mine a few months back..the perks are listed at the end of each email. Free shipping upgrades (not free shipping) and return shipping, your personal shoppping assistant by phone, early sales notifications etc.
  8. eLux must've sent out a bunch recently. I got one too and I don't purchase all that much, in fact a couple years ago I spent way more. Upgraded shipping, free returns, advance notice of sales, and a personal shopper are the perks I read.
  9. Exactly just faster shipping and notice of sales, and free returns. They should give us FREE shipping all the time.
  10. I think you get VIP status once you have spent $3000 with them. You keep your VIP status so long as you order at least once a year. The perks are a free shipping upgrade (you get the express shipping for the price of standard shipping), free shipping on returns (they send you the prepaid shipping label for returning), a personal shopper that can reached via their VIP hotline, and advance notice of sales, limited items, promotions, and free shipping offers.
  11. I wonder how they decide to make you as VIP?
  12. Discount coupons for Elux VIPs would be nice....