E-Bay Fakes - Authentic MJ

Hi I found this site while browsing looking for info on the gorgeous Thomas Wylde purse everyone is raving about. I have to say I was shocked that there are so many of you out there looking for "authentic" Marc Jacobs purses and having problems.
I purchase Neiman Marcus returns (Various brands and styles). Some are returned due to defects (those I obviously leave) and many are returned to stores that dont stock that brand so many get sold at discount. (they are brand new some with tags and some without but are in perfect condition).
I sell on Ebay (im not going to give my name as Im not here to promote my site - I think thats probably against the rules anyway right?) and cant believe just how many fakes/copies are out there. It makes it very frustrating and difficult for us honest sellers. I am passionate about purses and quality shoes and just hate to see all these people purchasing what I know and probably you guys know are fakes at high prices.
I have an authentic Stam bag ($1200) for sale right now at a substantial discount and noone has grabbed it yet probably because all these fakes are driving down the price.
I just wanted to let you know that there are many sellers in the Ebay community (I know a lot I see them at the same sales! :smile: ) out there that when they say Authentic they mean that Authentic. Please look at a sellers feedback - if its private my suggestion is stay clear, look at what they have sold (some sell a bunch of 1c recipes just to get their feedback up), look at what they have bid on (you can go to the advanced search and put in a users name and see what they have sold in last 30 days and what they have bid on) many purchase little things just to drive up their feedback. Take your purchase to an autherised dealer for verification of authenticity (but make sure its not someone that knows what they are talking about and not just trying to make you feel bad for purchasing on Ebay!).
Take your time research and the best of luck :smile:

ps pls excuse and typos...Im still trying to work out all these Icons etc!!!
Hi and welcome! You make excellent points. Ebay is all but ruined but there ARE honest sellers out there and if one knows how to navigate through the BS, you can find some great stuff. =)
Dont give up!! There are real sellers out there and a lot of them (Im one!), with great purses at real discounts -
Frustrates the heck out of me when someone buys a purse I have for sale at a HIGHER price from someone else and its a fake and mine is Authentic...Grrrr.
Oh well...I think I need one of those pills!!!!!!!!
Pretty purple pills :smile:
I bought my first MJ on ebay (from the seller leshant), a beautiful plum stella with blue suede lining. It is still one of my favorite bags.

But 99.9% of the bags are fake. If you don't know the bags well, I would stay away from ebay. If you do know the bags well, you can find some lovely, gorgeous bags. And if you are willing to buy used, you can sometimes actually get a bit of a bargain.
Tnguyen, honestly, the best way to tell is by the price and the feedback. The fake sellers steal pics so you can't really tell by that. I'll admit that there are some good fakes of the fall 05 bags but I don't want to post here the details that are a giveaway because you can bet that those sellers read our boards.

Authentic bags are sold AT OR OVER retail price, bottom line. I would never in a million years buy from a seller with less than 100 feedback with no more than one negative--and I would have to know what that negative was for. The fake sellers boost up their feedback with bogus sales so be sure to READ all feedback, and click on the item to see what was sold/bought.

One other thing I'll mention. The Petrol, Violet, and Bordeaux Stams are RARE and worth $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. You will not find an authentic bag in those colors on ebay for less than $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Also, there are many fake made-up names like "camel, sapphire, burgundy", etc. Those are no-brainers but the rest can be tricky. Honestly, leshent, personalshoppers, lebagboutique, and maybe one or two more are the only sellers I'd buy from.
tnguyen19082 said:
how can u spot a fake marc jacob stam???

because i've spent hours and hours staring and studying the difference between a real one and a fake one. and it's true what daisy says, MJ stams are nearly impossible to get right now at retail price. so why would anyone sell them at less than retail if they can sell it for at least retail or more? the petrol, violet, and bordeaux ones are going to go for much more than retail. trust me, if they were available for retail or even close to retail, i'd have one in my collection right now.

as far as the positive feedbacks, you can't trust those. i've gotten scammed by a seller with 99.9% PF from over 1000 buyers. i would give her a negative feedback but have to confess that I didn't leave any feedback at all. That's because i know i would get hit with a NF from the seller if I did that which has happened before, because ebay doesn't protect us from retaliation NF. So i just let it laid low and let that incident go. i only bid on stuff if i've seen the sellers prior auctions and all things seems legit. otherwise, what's a couple hundred $, when your piece of mind is at stake.
Hi again all!

First you are quite correct about the fakes to the untrained eye some are quite good copies - look at the seller I agree.
I dont agree about the 99.5% fakes on Ebay I personally know a bunch of honest sellers but can understand that perception.
I also dont agree that you should be scared off by prices lower than retail - I just sold one, and I sold it below retail and I bet my life on it that its 100% authentic :smile: - I saw another of my competitiors sell one yesterday suffice to say she didnt list it well but It was real (I know because I was green when I saw her pick it up just before I got there) and it went for $500!!! (she must have cried) Mine was higher but color was different.
Im reading back so excuse my ignorance if I supposed to anwer each individually Im new to this ! Sorry I cant for obvious reasons divulge my source for Neiman returns and overstock - Id be cutting off my own leg :smile:
If anyones looking for a particular bag let me know , I know its daunting trusting someone you dont know - but I promise you wont be sorry!
It is more than a perception. The majority of MJ bags sold on ebay are fakes. Period. There are a few real sellers, but most are fakes. If it is selling for much below retail, is a current season bag, and is not used, it is almost certainly a fake.

MJ bags do go on clearance, Neiman Marcus had a few on "last call" each season, but that has not been the case with Stams. You can be certain that all the stams sold have been at full price.

I wanted to add that your best protection is ALWAYS to ask for more pictures, detail shots, and to know the bag you are looking for well.

Finally, I am not accusing anyone of anything, but please know that sellers of fake merchandise can and do frequent boards like these looking for information to increase their sales. Just because someone posts here, doesn't mean anything one way or the other. They may be completely legitimate, and they may not be. You should be careful in all cases, and don't be afraid to ask a million questions before agreeing to hand over your hard earned money.