D'you like Vintage, and go to NYC??


turn it upppp
Feb 24, 2006
I was in Urban Outfitters over the weekend in NYC, and the store space is so big that they can afford to have this whole vintage section! It's full of shoes, clothes and BAGS!!! I asked a saleswoman about it and she said that they're a special "Oversized Urban", so they have people scour vintage shops and find bags. I had really wanted the $1300 (eek!) Dior Gaucho, but then I found this amazing western-style 1980's leather shoulder bag there. There were some great ones--- a black Ferragamo for only $133!!

I'll try to post pics later, but just a heads up for any fellow Vintage-Lovers!!!:love:
Urban Outfitter sells vintage stuff? :blink: I always thought their store makes their clothing and accessories look vintage on purpose? So I'm buying used clothing usually? :lol: Thanks for the info. ;)
Yah, I think their Urban Renewal line is vintage, at least partially---like plain vintage tees they printed on.
But this stores vintage stuff was like Poodle skirts, OOAK items.
Only in this one, I guess, I was soooooo surprised.
Only in NYC!!! :smile: