Dynacin (minocycline) antibiotic

  1. Anyone have experiences w/this antibiotic? my derm rx'd it to me today to take for about a month, 50mg 2x/day. I have a really touchy stomach and am concerned it might cause issues. He says it's very mild compared to other antibiotics but I figured I'd see if anyone here has taken it? Thanks! :rolleyes:
  2. Hey - I had cystic acne growing up - VERY unpleasant, and my doctor tried me on minocycline and it did nothing for me except give me a horrible skin rash from sun exposure. If you are sensitive to anti-biotics in general, this will probably bother your stomach because it is a form of penecillin. I ended up on tetracycline, and it did the trick for me.

    Good luck with it :flowers:
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