Dye transfer on White Mulberry Mitzy

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  1. Hi does anyone have any advice on how to remove blue dye transfer from a white crushed patent Mulberry Mitzy messenger bag - could have cried as this happened the first time I wore it...? Is this going to happen everytime I wear anything but white?
  2. Hello, sorry to hear that, it's so upsetting isn't it? Which leather is it? I wiped dark denim stains of my A4 tote (antique leather) with a slightly damp cloth, it got most of it off, but not all. Hopefully some of the other ladies here will have better advice, good luck!
  3. There was a white mitzy messenger in the bargain bucket at Shepton for £112. It had some dye transfer on the back of it.
  4. Did you try baby wipes? They take the stains out of almost everything.....
  5. Oh sorry this has happened, that's the bad point of White Bags (and Dark Jeans!). I'm worried about this happening to my Lipstick Roxy Tote and am paranoid at the moment of what I am wearing when I use it!

    I really hope you can get most (if not all) of it out. Baby Wipes seem to be the most popular thing.
  6. oh sorry to hear that .... I am now worried about this happening on my new straw shimmy too.

    I think you can try some leather palm to clean and remove the dye transfer... I've used it for my sofa in cream colour and it works!
  7. Sorry that happened on your first outing with your new Mitzy! What a shock that must have been. I haven't had any experience with dye transfer on my bags so can't be of any help in that regard. I hope the advice from the other girls does the trick. :smile: