Dye stained chloe paddington bag what to do??

  1. I was given a large chloe paddington bag in a creamy/ballet pinky colour and because i prodominantly wear black it has absorbed colour from my clothing - i have taken it to a bag cleaner and he wouldn't touch it and i have also emailed chloe direct and apparently they don't have a matching polish or any suggestions or advice on what i should do....

    your advice/suggestions would be much appreciated!

  2. Try one of those white "Magic" erasers you can buy at any office supply store. Others here have had success with color transfer on Hayden-Harnett bags.
  3. Oh I'm so sorry! That's horrible!
  4. I can't offer any suggestions but I truly sympathize. I experienced the same thing a couple of years ago and haven't purchased a light bag since.

    Personally, I would hound Chloe. They bear responsibility for the quality of their products. Good luck to you.
  5. Thanks for the sympathy and suggestions! TR
  6. I just checked out lovinmybags.com a few minutes ago, and they offer both a product and a service to remove color transfer from handbags. Its not cheap, but then your bag is quite expensive, so it may be worth it.

    I disagree to hound chloe- its not there fault that your bag got stained! Unless they advertised the bag as being stain resistant, which Im sure they did not, its not their responsibilty.

    I know its painful, but if you buy a light colored leather bag, you have to expect that sooner or later its going to get stained. Accidents happen. Best of luck!
  7. I just took inventory of my own closet, and I have 22 handbags, and only one light colored one. The light one is still okay, but I'm glad I tend to go for the darker colored leathers.....
  8. Sorry to hear this! If the very worst happens, and none of the other solutions work, you can get your bag died professionally to a darker color. I know some members did this to light bags that got color transfer, and it turned out pretty nice. Good luck!