DuWop Lip Venom - Negative effects?

  1. I :heart: this product, esp the cinnamon-y smell, but I think I started using it too often, because my mouth broke out in icky red bumps... I think it was an allergic reaction. Has this happened to anyone?
  2. yes, that would be an allergic reaction. its bad i know. i empathize. just imagine it happening every time i try a new lipgloss/balm

    i had the same reaction to lipvenom. i have learned to avoid all plumpers. my lips are too too sensitive
  3. i use Duwop Lip Venom everyday and my lips are fine...
    i guess maybe ur just illergic to it... i wouldnt use it again if i were you.. i dont think its the product.. its probably just an ingredient in it that doesnt agree with ur lips
  4. ^ Yeah, I think you guys are right, I must be allergic... I have the same reaction to watermelon :shame:

    It's too bad, I love the smell, like candy :rolleyes:
  5. I tried it too...and my lips instantly got all red swollen (haha...not the plumping action i was looking for)...It was peeling a lot the next day. But then I have super-allergic lips. I really envy the girls who can use anything and not have problems!!! :flowers:
  6. I hate this stuff!

    I was at Sephora and my "Nice" sister in law dumped the whole tube on my lips and they were burning for hours even after I took it off. No wonder she laughed hard as hell when she was putting it on.
  7. i got a sample of this once and couldn't use it!!! I stuck it on my lips and it stung SO bad!!! CHAPSTICK all the way...
  8. A lot of people are sensitive to the cinammon oil in it so I'm not surprised you developed an allergic reaction. I really like the product; just wish it came in a bigger tool as it is rather pricey
  9. I love that burning feeling!! The hotter the better baby!!!
  10. I don't like any of the 'lip plumpers'. I bought Lip Venom, and it burned like hell. I went to ULTA and got 'Lip Injection' brand, and that isn't any better. I'm too damned pale...made me look like I burned my lips on the stove they were so freakin' red. Lesson learned.:rant:

    I keep seeing a commercial for something that is supposed to work, yet doesn't burn and isn't sticky...I might order it just for the hell of it.

  11. I LOVE that burning sensation also! I apply alot just for that feeling. The problem is that I have full lips already,so when I wear DuWop Lip Venom my lips look abit like angelina's:lol:
  12. I love this stuff!

    Haven't had any problems :smile: