Dutch PF Meet

  1. Hi Ladies,

    We came so close before.....so close. Does anyone in Holland want to meet up? Maybe we can try and organise this again!

  2. Can't we do a Benelux/Germany PF meeting so that we're more people? I'll be at my parents (Aken close to the Belgium and Holland border)from 11.-13.08.06 so I could make it on the 11.-12.08.
    I wuld sooo love it to meet you all!
  3. How about Antwerp? They have some great places there (and I've heard the shopping is pretty good!). Ladies?
  4. Definetly Antwerp is one of my favourite cities. If nobody is coming we can make a tete a tete just the two of us :smile:
  5. K - Tanja, my phh is away at the mo, but I'll let you know in the next day or so if I can make that weekend. It should be fine, but gotta double check as he'll be babysitting!

    Edit - Saturday 12th August is ideal for me! (but will check hubby's sched)
  6. Oh, what a wonderful opportunity to visit your part of Europe, can Frenchfried Americans come?
  7. :roflmfao:
    Everybody with a bag is welcome:yes:
    The more the merrier!
    Cal, it would be wonderful to meet and look at the beautiful shops in Antwerpes. I always shopped there when I lived in Aachen.:heart:
  8. Absolutely Jennifer! Mods, any chance of changing title to BENELUX PF Meet?
  9. Bumping this up! Anyone got any ideas for a meeting place? I'm not familiar with Antwerp so am of no help.
  10. I would have loved to come...and Antwerp would be perfect...but I'm off on holiday from 31 July until and including 18 August...
  11. Bummer Quirky - are you going to SA?
  12. I'm going to Slovenia and Croatia..we're taking a road trip :smile:. But unfortunately,further away from the Low Countries LOL.