Dustbags and stuffing?

  1. Just curious as to when you stuff and keep your LV bags in their dustbags? I know some girls put the bag in the dustbag every night even if they use it everday. Other girls only put their bags in the dustbags when they are going to stuff it and store it for a while. Also, what constitutes a need for storage...if you are not going to use the bags for a few days, a few weeks, a few months? Your thoughts? :confused1:
  2. It depends on which bag. For damier, I usually don't need to baby it too much. For vernis, cerises, and bags with vachetta, I put them in their dustbags everyday. I don't usually stuff my bags except for my bedford.
  3. I stuff mine with the air pillows from Eluxury. It keeps them in shape nicely. I've tried t-shirts and towels, but you need like a million of them and they can look lumpy if they aren't packed right.
  4. The one I am using everyday I don't put in the dustbag, but the ones I am not using I keep in dustbags.
  5. I put the ones I don't use on a regular basis in a dustbag and put some tshirts in it to keep its shape. The ones I use regularly I just put on my closet shelf. I have my mono speedy 30 sitting on my windowsill every morning because I want the patina to be deeper!
  6. dustbag
  7. It is bad for the speedy mono 30, when he is not in the dustbag?
    what happens?
  8. I didn't stuff my speedy - I just put her in the dustbag and in a LV box.
  9. I stuff all my bags with, check eBay they have quite a few pillow shaped stuffers to fit the exact bag shape. I have it for my speedies and keepalls, then store in dust bag.
  10. I keep mine in their dustbags but not the one that im carrying daily. To lazy :p

    But I don't stuff them. I always make them look nice before I use them instead.
  11. I don't stuff any of mine, most of them are sitting out in my room since I change bags so often.
    My mom does keep her bags in dustbags on a shelf in her closet though (unstuffed).
  12. I keep all my bags in their dustbag, on a shelf in the closet. Only the bag I am currently using remains out of the dustbag. I change bags every few days.
  13. I keep all my bags stored in the dust bag and some of them I stuff, it just depends on the bag. My Trompe L'Oeil Pochette I always keep stuffed, I've seen some lose their shape as a result of not stuffing the inside.
  14. It's my Sunday ritual to clean and stuff my precious for storage before I take my next precious out for the week. :amuse:

    I know... I'm just sick like that! :lol:
  15. I used to stuff my bags with old t-shirts but then it was a pain to take all the stuffing out and put my stuff in so I leave my bags unstuffed now.

    I put my bags in their dustbags whenever I'm not using it that day and when I'm not planning on using it the next day. I plan on using my Segur PM tomorrow so right now it's sitting out of its dustbag on my chair.