Dust Bags and Color..

  1. Hello ladies,

    I wanted to know if anyone has ever had a problem with putting your light color leather bags in a dark dust bag?
    I recently got two light color bags (ivory and camel) with extremely nice, soft leather and they did not come with a dust bag so I (a big fan of the dust bag) ordered several off of eBay. They are nice brown flannel type material, very soft. Do you think that is ok for light color leather?
  2. It's probably fine. Although most of my dust bags are white so I can't guarantee anything.
  3. They'll probably be fine but maybe use white pillowcases to be sure?
  4. my light colored slate meredith from kooba comes with a deep brown dustbag, no problems...my tan coach has a brown dustbag,,, ive never had issues :smile:
  5. Thanks for the advice ladies, I feel better now!:happydance: