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  1. Hi everyone, I have a question about the Balenciaga dust bag. I sold a Bbag to someone that is DEFINITELY AUTHENTIC and she said she feels it's fake now because the dust bag is "poor quality".
    She said another Bbag she purchased at a retailer had the Balenciaga logo stamped more clearly than on the one with my bag.
    Now, I know from experience that not every bag comes with a perfect dust bag and I also know that this particular Bbag is authentic but I need to reassure her somehow, so does anyone have any ideas?
    Does anyone have pics of their dust bags or maybe some stories about how their dust bags are not all of the same quality? Or maybe even a link to a post or something explaining the dust bags?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! :yes:
  2. Well, if she were going to be carrying the dust bag over her shoulder in public and wanted everyone to know it was Balenciaga, then the less than perfect stamping would be a problem, but since the dust bag is just that, a dust bag and going to protect her valuable Balenciaga from dust in her closet, then I don't get her problem.

    Sorry, rant over .... : )

    Yes, I have received a less than perfect dust bag and the stamp wasn't as clear as on my others, and the rope that you pull to close the dust bag was frayed at the ends, and the dust bag was quite wrinkled and much softer than my others, my theory is that it was washed, and really, who cares, it's just the dust bag, the handbag that came inside it is 100% real.

    I don't know of any links to people posting about the dust bags. If it were me I would tell her that the object she bought, the *handbag* is authentic and that is the dust bag that came with the handbag.

    If she is worried about authenticity, then have her post on the Authenticate This! thread. The girls will laugh her off if she brings up the dust bag aspect of the sale.

    I wish you well,

  3. Well, I have to say I don't think it is completely laughable for her to bring up the dust bag as a question of authenticity, because it can be one of many signs of non-authenticity. It should not, however, be used as a determining factor of authenticity without taking all the other signs into account.

    Sometimes the size of the dustbag is also considered to be one of the signs of authenticity, because each bbag seems to have a uniquely sized dustbag. The problem with that is that retail stores are notorious for mixing up dustbags. I got a twiggy-sized dustbag with my part-time from NM, for example. :confused1:
  4. I would tell her that seeing as you can currently buy (authentic) dustbags and shop bags by most designers on eBay on there own with no handbag this is not a way to authenticate a handbag - as unscrupulous people buy these items and then ship a fake bag in it.
  5. My opinion is dust bag is just a dust bag, I personally don't look over how my dust bag looks like. Balenciaga isn't really this fancy dust bag. When I purchase a bag, I would be more concern about the authenticity of the bag itself.
  6. Speaking of dust bags, does anyone know where to find replacements? BalNY said they don't sell any and I need one for my bordeaux twiggy which did not come with one when I bought it on eBay. Thanks!
  7. Yes some are badly stamped and the drawstrings keep falling out which is really annoying.
  8. please post all questions of authenticity in the Auth This thread :yes:

    closing now...
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