Dust bag for swingpacks?

  1. I ordered a Legacy Swingpack and it didn't come with a dustbag - should I have gotten one? I have not ordered from Coach before - and wasn't sure if the swingpacks do not come with one? I know some of you out there already have them - maybe you can help?
  2. I have three swingpacks... one from the outlet in San Marcos, one from Dillard's and one from the Coach store at my mall...none came with dustbags... I asked the Coach store and she said they did not come with dust covers.

    I just asked her for a box and I put them all in there! Just place some tissue between them keeps them nice.
  3. I didn't get a dustbag with my new Legacy swingpack either...BUT...they did put my Coach signature cleaner in a mini dustbag??? go figure.
  4. I have 3 swingpacks and none of them came with the dust bag.
  5. No dust bag for my swingpack either. But I have dustbags for all of my other purses so I just use the dustbag for whatever bag it is that is currently being used.
  6. I think swingpacks are kind of considered pouches, and pouches do not usually come with dust bags either...
  7. I havent ordered Coach online, but everytime I make a purchase at the Coach store, I ask for a dustbag. Whether its a keychain, wallet, bag, whatever. But they know me at both stores here also. I did hear the Chandler store tell a customer who asked for a dustbag that they didnt have any and then when I bought my Agenda a few minutes later, they gave me one.
  8. I ordered the Legacy Swingpack in Whiskey on Coach.com (no Coach stores here in Montana). It had no dustbag and it wasn't even put in a box. Geez, I've ordered wristlets from Coach.com that had a better presentation. It was wrapped in that white coach paper and thrown in a box. I was a bit miffed.