Durability of Damier Geant Canvas

  1. Hello everyone, i have just bought a Yack in the Damier Geant Canvas. Its a laptop and document holder type thing. The format of the bag is absolutely fantastic. I'm just worried about the durability of the fabric. So, do any of you have any Damier Geant? How long have you had it? and most importantly, is it in a sorry state now?Is it waterproof?post back with any advice on how i should look after it etc. Thanks in advance
  2. I have the pionnier backpack in Terre, got it in december of 2005 and use it all the time, the material is used to climb mountains with, you will be just fine, its like a cotton type, it gets wet but does nothing when wet ;)
  3. I noticed in rain, that drops just drip from my Loup. In booklet is written that it's coated with stainproof smth... But I do noticed frying on edges of my bag after month of use, I don't care at all.

    BTW: Congrats! Which colour is it??
  4. The Yack only comes in black

    Mine has not frayed @ all, even though it says that it is a possibility. :smile:
  5. yep, it only comes in black. It looks fantastic, not too formal, yet can carry laptops and documents with ease. I did read the little booklet thing that comes with the bag, and that said that fraying would occur. I also got the "did you know that the fibres are similar to those used in rock-climbing" speech from my SA. Thanks for the advice ppl!. I also got a pochette cles in monogram vernis pearl to go with it at half price, can you believe it????. My old one got stolen from my keepall when i went to the WC on a train (i don't recommend going to WC on the train, BTW). Some thieveing SOB nicked it. They were probably just waiting for me to take my eyes off it. Anyways, the SA felt sympathetic and said i can choose another one for half-price as a goodwill gesture.
  6. post pics of your yack, i have yet to see it besides lv.com pics
  7. I will do as soon as i can find the camera!! Keep an eye out, this might take a while. I'll probably need a spade or a digger or something, lol!
  8. I have been thinking about damier geant a lot lately and I want something in black but my favorite is the pionnier and I guess I could have it in both colors? or wait till it comes out in the new dark navy blue with dark blue leather....?
  9. I have had the Loup in black for approx. 6 months and I wear it at least once a week, usually when I will be doing a lot of walking, and I don't baby it at all and so far it isn't showing any signs of wear. I can't say enough great things about this bag!
  10. Here are the pics, i hope i've done this right.

    The pictures are a little bit decieving. The " Louis Vuitton Paris" logo isn't that brown, neither are the leather trimmings.

    I also got the strap aswell, which is optional (£92). But, i don't really carry it on my shoulder, because the handles are really nice and comfortable. The Pearl Pochette Cles in Vernis doesn't really show up properly either (note to self: get new camera).
  11. no pics :sad:
  12. see, i knew, i hadn't done that right. I am so inept at these computer things, lol!

    Hold on, lemme try again. Any tips?
  13. www.imageshack.us then upload it and then use the code which u just copy and paste the one that says hotlink for forums 1
  14. sounds complicated, wait 2mins:crybaby:
  15. So you cant really see Louis Vuitton on the bag because its black? :sad: