Duped on Ebay - What can I do? Please Help!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I know its the same sad story. My hubby bought me a LV bag on eBay. It was a surprise gift for me and his first time buying online. As I did not know about the purchase, I was not able to advise him about buying and selling safety.

    He ended up paying almost $750 for the bag and its delivery. However, all payment were made via direct deposit and not through PayPal. We have contacted this seller and they have not replied. They have since unregistered themselves. We have also contacted eBay and were provided with their phone no. This turned out to be a fake no. We then progressed to go to the address of the sender (we live in the same city), but it also turned out to be incorrect. The only thing we have is this person's bank account.

    I live in Australia. Please help, what esle can I do?

    Thanks, Lyn
  2. Oh, Lyn, really sorry that this has happened to you. Something similar happened to me about 18 months ago, when I paid £450 for a fake Balenciaga bag without using paypal. The first thing I did was to raise a SNAD dispute with eBay and this did result in my receiving some financial recompense. I think that I ended up with around £105 , which was better than nothing.

    However, I also took out a civil action against the seller, which took 12 months to go to court, but I did win the case and the seller is now paying me back £20 monthly. I also involved the police and I found them to be really helpful and they did investigate the matter for me. Unfortunately, the seller couldn't face a criminal action, since deception is very hard to prove and I was a lone voice against one seller. Perhaps make contact with your local police and with Trading Standards? They may be able to track down the seller's address for you.

    I really hope you can get your money back. Stick with it, though, and don't give up. Let us know how you get one and I am sure other members here with give you additional great advice.
  3. So sorry this happened to you. Maybe you can track the seller by the bank information?
  4. oh my gosh, i'm so sorry this happened to you.......hopefully things will get resolved
  5. Hi Everyone, thanks for your advice and nice thoughts.

    Lizziecat - thats so terrrible and horribly time-consuming for you. I am glad you were able to come out on top though.

    I just received an email from the seller stating that they had sent me an authentic bag with the receipt. They are not going to offer me a refund because as far as they know, I could have swapped it with a fake one!?

    So indeed it has been so frustrating. I am not sure if Australia has the same kind of enforcement as yours Lizzie. My husband use to work as a police officer and told me that in all honesty, they do not take these forms of complaints very seriously. Argh! :hysteric:

    I am just hoping that karma is going to be a B!@#$% when it comes around their way.
    I will keep you posted on my outcome.

    Again, thanks - Lyn
  6. Are there any pics on the auction of any authenticity markers? Meaning heat stamp "reads Louis Vuitton made in ___" or the date code? It seems like you should be able to take pictures of the item you received and compare them to those in the auction to show where the differences lie. Also, have the bag authenticated by Carol at caroldiva.com so you have some proof from an "expert."
    As for who you can show them to, I'm not quite sure since I'm in the US, but things like these can help build your case.
  7. wow, so sorry this happened to you. i'm not really sure what you can do in this case, never been in this situation (i've ended up w/ fakes before, but i had used paypal). i guess this is a matter to take to the police or something.

    there is a tpf member on here, lorihmatthews, that probably has really good advice for your situation. i think she ended up getting a fake LV bag (paid via Money Order) and the seller NARU'd, so she couldn't make any claims or anything. though she was able to work with police & investigators to track down this scammer (via who had cashed the MO or something)..i think they found out who the seller was (name, etc), but are still trying to track her down... but anyways, don't lose hope...i hope you can track this scammer down and get your $$ back, so they stop scamming other ppl!!
  8. Sorry to hear this - I too am going through something similar.

    I have reported my concerns to the police as they can get the person's details through their bank details.

    However, I think you should contact police straightaway. If all contact details through ebay are incorrect, then this seller would probably have no hesitation in closing their bank account too and then you will never find them.

    Act quick!
  9. Hi everyone,

    yes, I have just contacted the police - fingers crossed that they actually find this person. Again, thanks thanks thanks even if I don't get the money, I appreciate all the support and response :flowers:
  10. ~Good luck and do keep us posted...what a nightmare:nogood:~
  11. I'm so sorry that you and your DH got scamed by, yet again, another ebayer. Please keep us posted.