duomo or alma?


duomo or alma?

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  1. i know it's like comparing apples and oranges... but what would you choose? i finally got over my manhattan obsession after determining that it's too loud for me and the gm is too big and the pm is little too small for my taste. :sad: now that i've moved on... i'm debating between the duomo and alma! :yes: what would you choose? i love that the duomo is damier and very casual. the alma is great because it's such a classy bag and also fairly casual. if i were to get the alma, i think i would get it in red.. but i'm not sure. black + cannelle are fab too! :smile: currently my LV consists of the luco tote and papillon and i dress casually. thanks!! :flowers:



    edit: i changed the color of the alma from cannelle to red. :smile:
    duomo.jpg alma.jpg
  2. get the Duomo. the shape of the Alma irritates me, and that's not a very flattering color
  3. I don't like the Alma in that color and if you're casual the duomo will be PERFECT!
  4. I have the black Epi Alma, I absolutely love it! :love: It has to be one of my favorite bags in my collection. That being said, the other day I was having a mani/pedi and this young woman walked in and she was carrying the Duomo, I couldn't take my eyes off of it, soo gorgeous IRL!:drool: Now, I'm thinking of getting rid of my Damier Ribera MM (too similar to Duomo) and get the Duomo!...I LOVE the size and shape better. Sorry, I know I'm not much help. :Push:
    (20) Louis Vuitton - Epi Leather Alma - (970) 1040.JPG
  5. i know what you mean!! i first saw the bag while i was waiting for my bro to come down from his dorm room and a girl walked in the lobby w/ the duomo. i couldn't take my eyes off of it either!! :yes:

    your alma is gorgeous!
  6. the duomo is absolutely stunning! hmm, maybe something for me to work for too? ;)
  7. i think that red alma is simply gorgeous!
  8. Duomo...it's such a pretty bag!!
  9. i'll prefer the duomo! its sooo cute, but its rather big IRL
  10. Duomo, love the shape !

    I like the alma, but I prefer it in the monogram.
  11. Duomo, there is something very striking about the duomo. Can you buy me one too? :lol: . Let us know what you decide on!!!
  12. duomo..
  13. Duomo!
  14. duomo!!!!!
  15. I love them both! You can't go wrong with either one! :smile:
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