Duomo Hobo vs DE Delightful MM?....

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  1. Pros/Cons on either bag?
  2. I have duomo but had and sold delightful. The duomo is absolutely better quality, thicker canvas and nicer details. Love my duomo and felt the deightful was not worth the money.
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  3. I found the Duomo, while beautiful and indeed more polished, more fiddly to get in and out of and vastly prefer the Delightful.
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  4. My Delightful is my go-to bag right now. I change out often, but this one is so easy to carry and get in and out of that it has been a part of me for about 3 weeks now.
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  5. I was excited to try on the Duomo Hobo when it came out. Though it's a nice bag, I felt the zipper made it uncomfortable on the arm when open and it didn't smoosh well when closed. Hobos are supposed to have a natural smooth or fortune cookie drape and it didnt due to the zipper.
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  6. Thanks for the input everyone!! :smile:
  7. I like my duomo a lot, the only negative aspect for me, the zipper is challenging to open sometimes.