Dumb Newbie Question- Do the handles darken?

  1. I did a search but only found Cal's post re: Gold and darkening.
    I'm eyeing trading in my current bag collection for a Birkin, so I have just one "signature" bag. So far, I'm considering Blue Jean (of course) or Rouge Vif in the 30cm size. I researched through all of the leather threads and think Togo would be best as I am not one to baby my bags.
    I'm wondering whether the handles would darken over time and if so, can they be restored to remove the oils and regain original colour easily? This is my main complaint with Balenciaga, that the handles get gross after a while and you really have to baby them.
    Any advice on my potential choices would be appreciated too:smile:
  2. Yes the handles will darken, but much depends on the type leather, hand lotion, and if you use the bag every day. Togo would not be as absorbent of oils as some leathers. I think rouge vif would darken less than blue jean. Darkened handles cannot be restored, only replaced, quite expensive.
    My personal opinion is that darkened handles look fine as the whole bag ages. Hermes to me means beauty with aging.
  3. I'm not an expert, so I might be wrong, but I remember reading it depends a lot on the leather and colour itself. If I recall correctly, ostrich is the one that will darken the most. I also think you should be fine with Togo, since it's the leather they say it's sturdiest.

    Hope some of the wisest ladies can point you in the right direction!
  4. I haven't seen darkening on the handles of my rouge H clemence or gold togo birkins. But they aren't that old.
  5. I've been using my Gold Togo Birkin for a few years and see no darkening of the handles.