Duhn Duhn DUHHHN.....I'm keeping the Ryan tote!

  1. Alrighty....my black python Ryan tote arrived yesterday and after much deliberation and sleeping on it (figuratively, not literally, lol) I am keeping her! :tup:

    I Loooove black bags and don't have any like this one at all, so I'm gonna keep her for variety's sake. Thanks, everyone, for all your earlier advice...she does look a lot more versatile than I had initially thought! :yahoo:
  2. Great! Now where are those pics of you modeling this beauty? Hmmm? No holding out on us. I'd like to see this on a real live person!
  3. OK....presenting 3 very quickly snapped pics of me and my Ryan...youngster you know this but everyone it is in the 90s here and I'm loving the heat and not dressed to carry her.

    Hope this gives you a good idea anyways! I like the strap drop length and where she hits on my hip :yes:.
    Kooba1.jpg Kooba2.jpg Kooba3.jpg
  4. Oh, I love it! It's great. Thanks for taking the pics, especially in the heat. We just checked and its something like 92 in the shade right now where we are, in Bellevue. Thank you!!
  5. Your Ryan is beautiful and thank you so much for the modeling photos, they help alot.
  6. You can go everywhere with that beautiful bag! Isn't it fabulous?? It's always in the 90's here in Florida in the summer, so I can relate to the heat!
  7. ^^ ITA! We're a bunch of warm weather whimps here in Seattle...I am sure it's nowhere near as humid as SW Florida however... I was in Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm in February...perfect time of year to get out of soggy rain around here!

    Yeah, I'm super excited to debut the Ryan...why not today???
  8. Such a pretty bag...good decision keeping it!
  9. That's a gorgeous bag--great pics!!
  10. pursegrrl-that bag is divine!!! Def a keeper!
  11. Pursegrrl, so glad you like your Ryan:smile: It looks fab on you and the right size! So you're hot over in Seattle at the moment, can't be bad...I've just got back from Thailand where they were in the middle of the rainy season and warmer than their summer!!:nuts: Still lots of sunshine, but have to say, there must be a solution to taking more bags on holidays (maybe a case just for bags:graucho:, DH would kill me, he already had to pay for extra luggage...)
  12. Thanks, maggie! Yeah, we're now back to on and off rain and sun...cooled off quite a bit! Sounds like a fabulous time in Thailand!!

    Oh I dream of the time I pack another suitcase for just my bags :graucho:.

    I still have not taken this Ryan out yet...not normally my style to wait. As much as I love her, she doesn't really 'go' with a lot of my summer outfits...
  13. Hey guys, I FINALLY debuted my new Ryan tote today...with all the hot weather I just couldn't put together an outfit that works with this. But today I wore black slacks, one of my favorite polka dot theory blouses and carried the Ryan with me to the mall and my manicure! My manicurist just loves it too and had to try it on...so cute...I told her she needs one too! :graucho:

    Call me the kooba-pusher...lol.
  14. I'll bet you were fabulous!!!
  15. Pursegirl...It is Purfect!! Gorgeous. I can just see it with Polka dots. Love your black & white dust ruflle toooo! love dots & stripes...especially black & white!! Enjoy.