Dudes and their Diors

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  1. Love the bag strap as well as the gorgeous Fendi peekaboo!
  2. I’m not a dude but just wanted to say you have such style. Even casually love the way you put outfits together. Have a good day!
  3. hey guys, im currently looking to buy a new dior bag

    any opinions or fitpics on the fw19 nylon saddle bags?(my dior store doesnt carry menswear unfortunately)

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  4. How do you like your peekaboo? Looking at the same own right now
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  5. Aww thank you everyone! @snibor My clothes are usually quite basic, but they're easy to put together. I also like simple, especially if I'm using a bag with it. It tones down the outfit a bit.
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  6. I've had it since the end of 2016 and I still love it. It's my most easy leather bag to use, because the Selleria leather is so durable and for some reason the resin edges have not shown any wear despite some minor accidents with my bag. My only concern about it is that it looks a bit like a briefcase, like some sort of work bag. I have already tried to make it casual by dropping the front and attaching all these straps and charms to it. However, yesterday I took the bag to the dentist and was asked if this is the bag I carry to work. I guess its structure and size still make it look like a work bag.

    I used to use the bag a lot more, but I've purchased so many new bags in the last year that it's difficult to get enough use out of any of them. I don't use a bag everyday, either. Like I absolutely love my men's grey Saddle but because it has been so warm, I haven't used it since I got back to Toronto from my trip to Europe. The strap and bag will get ruined when I sweat. A hand-held bag doesn't really contact my body so at least I won't soak the bag with sweat.

    Anyway, I do recommend the Selleria Peekaboo, but if you are concerned that the bag may look like a work bag, then I recommend their Peekaboo X-lite Fit instead. I really like that bag, but am a bit hesitant because the contrast lining is actually plastic (how disappointing! I thought it was leather). And it turns out that the thinner leather and plastic lining shows creases where it the front is dropped down the most. I saw it on all the floor models at the Fendi boutique.
  7. I'm not a fan of the nylon cross-body Saddle bags at all. The nylon looks too wrinkly around the DIOR logo at the front. I recommend this Saddle messenger bag instead, for a slightly higher price point.
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  8. I*m also not a fan, but I think it could work for a sporty look. The problem for me with nylon and other sythetic fabrics is that they sometimes look very different (and cooler) in photos, I would be hesitant to order or buy one unseen. I haven't been able to see the collection IRL yet, but there are some rtw pieces I'm really interested in but that may be disappointing because for the same reasons.
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  9. Wearing the Saddle and Dior Chiffre Rouge D01 diver watch: 20190826_122137.jpg
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  10. 7CA720F6-09F1-4FFD-B166-769EE498E0F5.jpeg

    Out with the Diorama...
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  11. @averagejoe your tops are always so tight lol. But that's a good thing :P
  12. Finally got the Bee wallet in my hands! Thanks @averagejoe for the validation :’)

    B5CC8C01-278C-435A-86DD-83BC3217E16C.jpeg C3E0036B-3A98-4A29-B09A-64C44E5B8B60.jpeg
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  14. Ya he loves it! Trying to reel him into luxury items, especially since he takes care of his things well. Thank you so much for the advice!
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  15. Added this gorgeous Dior wool suit jacket. So many incredible details:

    -Satin “Christian Dior Atelier” patch
    -Double breasted/flap pocket/peak satin lapel.
    Interesting stitch detail through the breast pocket.

    The tailoring is immaculate!

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