Duck Tape "Stuck At Prom"

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  1. Wow, can you say creative?? I could never think up of things like that..
    bet it must hurt to take it off!!!
  2. I've seen a dress made of duct tape before, and a piece is folded in half before it's made into "fabric."
  3. i could have used ALOT of duck tape to hold my 'girls' in at prom the other night haha
  4. I am amazed by the level of creativity they showed , I would have never thought you could make that out of Duct Tape
  5. Those people have too much time on their hand LOL.
  6. It was a competition for a college scholarship sponsored by the Duck Tape company.
  7. Wow I really was not expecting such detail and coloring...God I could have never have worn that for Prom..more power to them.
  8. Ohh Ok! :yes: Now it makes a lot more sense!
  9. me too...i was kind of expecting many shades of grey.
  10. wow, some of these are really detailed!! I can't even imagine how much work it took.
  11. Even if I started now...I don't think I could ever get something like that together in time for prom. :p

    They're all so creative!