Dry Handles

  1. Hi everyone! I was wondering if you guys have ever had a problem with dry handles after using Magic Eraser? If so how did you resolve it? I am a little nervous about using conditioner since I've never done it before. And would you just apply it to the handles or the attachement piece too?

    Thank you!:biggrin:
  2. apple guard conditioner, the ME dries the leather out so it needs to be re-conditioned.
  3. magic eraser is VERY VERY strong, and a ton of people and myself, alwaaaaaaaaays recommend a leather conditioner after using it because it sucks the life and moisture right out of leather. magic eraser is strong enough for household use to make white whiter and clean even cleaner, so naturally it'll make natural products like leather, dry out.
  4. Where can I purchase apple guard conditioner? Can someone "teach" me how to do it? Also, do I treat the flaps where the bag is attached to as well?

    Does the conditioner need to be applied immediately after ME has been used or can it be used later? Some time has lapsed since the handles were ME'd.

    Thank you so much ladies! :flowers:
  5. LV, thank you! I think the ME that was previously used on my bag dried it out. It kinda has that "powered" look and isn't shiny. With the appleguard can I just spread it liberally over everything? Or do I have to be careful to avoid the canvas? I don't want an uneven colored bag! :shocked:
  6. I dont think the Appleguard replaces the shine does it? Anyone know?
  7. Hi Selena, at this point I just hopes it makes the leather handles look more moisturized. :cry:
  8. the "shine" is from the oil from your hands through use of the purse.
  9. The best product for dry leather is "Lovin My Bags" cleaner/conditioner. It restores leather to the correct pH. The cleaner cleans unfinished leathers as well, so if you have a natural leather bag this is the best!! They're online at www.lovinmybags.com
    Good luck!
  10. Thanks LovinLeather, but I'm trying to find something to apply asap.

    Isn't apple guard conditioner used to clean? My handles are very clean it just appears as though someone went ME happy with the handles and they need to be moisturized. :blink: The product with the Ph reversion sounds great but I was hoping to pick up something tomorrow. :hrmm:
  11. I am not sure about using the Apple Guard for cleaning, I have only used it when my bags were brand new for conditioning and water proofing. The bottle says the following:
    "Apple brand leather care is specially formulated to gently clean, condition, and preserve finished, exotic, naked, and simulated leathers. It's wax-free formulation removes surface dirt and provides water resistance".
  12. LV, did the conditioner darken your vanchetta? Did you apply it all over, including the canvas? Thank yoU!
  13. If it did darken the leather, it was so subtle that I did not even notice. I did not intentionally apply it to the canvas, but some did get on it when I applied it to the leather, and it was fine. Here is a link to some information on using Apple Guard (from mypoupette.com).