Drum Roll Please!!! Introducing Gucci!!

  1. We just got home from our 2 week Florida vacation on Saturday and got her late Sunday afternoon at North Shore Animal League. They said she is about 12 weeks old but I think she might be a bit younger. She is a Coon Hound mix of some kind. Kind of shy and a bit timid but she's doing great. I'm sooo exhausted!

  2. SHU!!!!!!! She is GORGEOUS! Im so happy for you. Happy days...
  3. Oh my. That face.:heart: Congratulations, she's precious. I love her name.:smile:
  4. NSAL is wonderful. We got a german shepard named Bandit there many, many years ago. Sadly he was full of medical problems and only lived 5 years. But I adored him till the end. Gucci is beautiful!
  5. Gucci is beyond adorable!!! CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!!! :yahoo:
  6. She is adorable! Congrats! North Shore is a great place...I got a dog from there too.
  7. What a dollface!!!! Congrats!
  8. Oh my goodness, look at that precious face. Congrats on the new addition to your family.
  9. Gucci is a total darling!! Take good care of her, and I'm sure she'll stop being shy. Just give her some time, she's a beautiful doggie!

    I love those eyes and coon hound ears-I would never stop touching them! We have adopted a few cats and one dog from North Shore-love them also!

    Congrats Karen!! Glad you got another girl in the house (and can't believe you named her Gucci-LOL!)
  11. Ooooh that face, how can you resist?? She's a beautiful dog!
  12. OMG she is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the name too =D
  13. Thanx guys! She's truly a doll. She already pooped and peed outside all day yesterday and today and knows that the command "inside" means to go into her crate! She's freaking the Einstein of dogs!!!LOL!
    We moved her crate from our den to next to my bed b/c she was keeping us up. I put the crappy t-shirt I was wearing in there and pretended to snore and she that seemed to do the trick!
  14. Oh, this is wonderful! Look at her face, her eyes, her coloring, she's a beauty!
  15. Those eyes!

    What a gorgeous doggy!