Drugstore Mascara

  1. I know you guys started a thread about mascara but I don't have time to run into Sephora or Niemans or Nordstroms today - I just need a good mascara I can pick up now at Rite-Aid or Sav-On. Any suggestions? I'm leaving in about 30 minutes...
  2. Maybeline?
  3. My favorite drugstore is the Maybelline - I think it is called
    "Great Lash" in a pink tube.
  4. Volum Express--I believe that it is maybelline
  5. I need long wearing thick long lashes (who doesn't?) Does the Maybelline do this? And has anyone used Rimmel?
  6. Another vote for the Maybelline in the pink and green tube.
  7. Max Factor Lashfinity - that stuff LASTS - Rimmel waterproof is also good but not as good.

  8. Loreal Voluminous - been using it for years and years - people always ask me if my lashes are fake.
  9. Maybelline Great lash (pink/green tube)...a classic. Used it for years. MF Lashfinity is also a great choice.
  10. Fantastic lash by Covergirl
  11. L'Oreal Lash Out!!!!
  12. ditto...people always ask me if my lashes are fake when im wearing this mascara..although I cant find the waterproof one anymore.
  13. This is a good one.
  14. I agree with Swanky and IntlSet! I am a die hard fan of Lash out and I get asked all the time if my lashes are real! It's cheap and it rocks!
  15. i only buy drugstore mascara because i am paranoid of eye infections and replace it every other month...that's a lot of $30 dollar mascara. :smile: i usually buy l'oreal volumious. i have really short sparse lashes and it makes me look like i have something there. :smile: but if your lashes are anywhere near long or thick, it might be too much for daytime. :smile: lash out is also REALLY good. i used that when i was a teen.