Drugstore Mascara


Oh. Gee.
Feb 12, 2006
I know you guys started a thread about mascara but I don't have time to run into Sephora or Niemans or Nordstroms today - I just need a good mascara I can pick up now at Rite-Aid or Sav-On. Any suggestions? I'm leaving in about 30 minutes...
I agree with Swanky and IntlSet! I am a die hard fan of Lash out and I get asked all the time if my lashes are real! It's cheap and it rocks!
i only buy drugstore mascara because i am paranoid of eye infections and replace it every other month...that's a lot of $30 dollar mascara. :smile: i usually buy l'oreal volumious. i have really short sparse lashes and it makes me look like i have something there. :smile: but if your lashes are anywhere near long or thick, it might be too much for daytime. :smile: lash out is also REALLY good. i used that when i was a teen.