Drinking~ since we are let's talk about whatever comes to mind shall we?

  1. I am going to start by stating that I spend entirely too much time on TPF (only because my DH is not home) otherwise I would be in trouble LOL! Anyone else drinking?:drinkup:
  2. OH YEAH!!

    DH & I are into the Manhattans's tonight-- been a looooong week

    HoMo blues with a busted water heater and frozen/shattered pool pipes are now miraculously cured with BOOOZE!! :nuts::party:

    What are you drinking??? :upsidedown:
  3. :whistle:


  4. What the He** is homo blues? :nuts: ...I am a little bamboozled? Broken pipes! That sucks! One glass down!
  5. Wee bit of white wine here... :yahoo:
  6. last night i went to a posh vietnamese restaurant for my grandmother's 81st birthday, and i had a "Soda Chanh Extreme" which cracked me up because it basically was soda water, lemonade, mixed into a mojito. And then there was a Vietnamese Espresso Martini.. which basically was a Chocolatini! And then there was a "Ha Long Bay Breeze" and i was like.. man, have these people.. SMELLED the Ha Long Bay? It doesn't smell like this!!!!! LOLLLLLL

    I got the Soda Chanh Extreme and it was actually pretty good.. I'm gonna make it next time I make my Mojitos. hehe.
  7. ^^^ don't know what mine is...pink Ha!:nuts:

  8. BAMBOOZLED!!!!!!! :yahoo: :roflmfao: i love that show.. oh loves it. i didn't think anyone else on the planet would use the term! hahaha loves it!:wlae:

  9. Now THAT is Funny:nuts: ! LOL! I bartended and Boy did they Glam up your drinks!
  10. I have a children's book that has a monster in it called Bamboozle I think:confused1:
  11. oh boo, i guess i'm the only nerd. lol. it's a FRIENDS thing.. oh well, moving on! *clink glasses*
  12. Return *clink glasses* ~ i just put my son to bed...it is just me and the computer tonight ladies and gents! Now I am thinking about my beautiful new Fuschia LV bedford *sigh*....:love:
  13. *clink*. I am on to red wine now. Cheers everyone!
  14. forget the wine! i'm doing shots of tequila!
  15. My first though was seriously~ Holy S*iT! :nuts: You have bigger you know what than I...no way could I do that! Tequila....:wtf: Okay 2nd glass...may need to go to bed soon (lightweight I am afraid)