Drilldown question

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  1. 1. If a bag doesn't show up on the DD, does that mean it's fake? Or could it be an older style that wouldn't show up?
    2. Does each color bag have a different serial number/style number/whatever, or would a bag that shows up in a different color have an authentic serial number?
  2. 1. It doesn't sometimes the drilldown can have problems
    2. No each style has it's own serial number, then each color in that style has the same one.
  3. Not everything shows up in drill down...so if its not there it doesn't mean its definitely fake...about 1/3 of my collection doesn't show up in drill down.

    coachlover is correct....each color does not have its own serial...so the drill down may show another color in the bag.
  4. What is the drilldown?
  5. All of my coach bags show up on drilldown, but I only have 9.
  6. The older bags that were discontinued at least five years ago probably won't show up. Neither will any bags made just for the outlets or for department stores. Some of the bags made just for stores in resort towns won't come up either.

    And sometimes there will be differences in the details of the actual bags compared to the picture in the DD. By the way, if you want to see a bigger photo, change "drilldown1" and "d1" to "drilldown2" and "d2".
  7. My zebra gallery tote doesn't show up on the drilldown when I checked but it's definitely authentic. :yes:
  8. Thanks for all the help, y'all! :smile: