dressing up with your L.A.M.B.

  1. okay, so i thought this concept was worthy of it's own thread. i'd love to know how you ladies wear your LAMB bags! Gwen is a huge style icon for me because she wears so many things, from classic vintage staples, to hip urban wear and still keeps it her own. I know there's the whole rock-a-billie culture from the ska movement where some of her style comes from, and is seen a lot in southern california. I was wondering how you all rock your lambs?

    do you style it out with the perfect hair style and vintage frocks? do you wear LAMB head to toe? do you try to evoke the gwen style? i'd love to know and share some pics!

    (and miss N, queen of the LAMBies, you sorta inspired this thread after your neato LAMB clothes with bag photos')
  2. Oh jun3machina, I cant help you with this thread as I am so unfamiliar with LAMB bags but may I say this: What an awesome idea! I love it! Would you mind if I borrowed the concept for the RM thread?
  3. go right ahead gung! and btw, your avatar rocks! OH YAH! STREETFIGHTER!!! K>O>!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks chica! You're the best! See ya around in the MJ section!

    Hey, when are you coming to the RM side eh?:graucho:
    Anyhoo, I dont mean to sabotage your thread here. I'm sure tons of LAMB aficionados are going to come in here soon and post their gorgeous outfits.

    Thanks again!
  5. is that the minkoff bags??? i have seen the matinee and it sure is purty...but im dedicated to LAMB right now...we'll see.