dressage riders??

  1. Hi! Im new here btw.

    Im a jr rider (16) I have a canadian tb and we are aiming for 2nd level in '08 and were our region's year end 1st level champs with 67%. Hes great, was on a NAYRC team for eventing and did a few CCI*'s.

    well hope to hear from some people! lol :smile:
  2. That's fantastic!! Although I am a fellow "horsey" person, I do hunter/jumpers, not dressage.....I think every rider should though to build a solid riding foundation ;)
  3. Welcome....!!

    I adore all things "horsey" but my heart belongs to the running T.B.'s!

    Good luck to you!
  4. nice to see some riders. i love shopping for me but nothing beats shopping for horses :smile: :smile: i mean tack and treats, 1 baby is enough for me hehe ;)
  5. Another hunter/jumper person here. Although where I board my horse when I'm at school is primarily a dressage barn so I've done a little with my gelding. Nice to see more horsey people :smile:
  6. I am a show mom, if that counts! My (purse hating) DD (15) is riding her first 2nd level test tomorrow on our hanoverian/QH cross. I am also on the board of our club, and do the newsletter as well.

    I ride a little, maybe I will do training level in feb.....

    We have a Dutch warmblood who just foaled last month.

    Mom is retired but watch for Contessa in a few years!

    Welcome to the PF Louis 4 me!!!
    Congratulations on your equestrian successes!!!
  7. Hunter/Jumper here too-(and western, grrrh, sine I met my Montana husband.) Welcome! Everyone here is lovely! Do we need a tack thread?
  8. Yes!!!! A horsey thread on tPF..oh what a perfect world that would be! Hermes makes tack, so it is KINDA related, right????:nuts:
  9. It's nice to hear from some fellow riders. I am also a hunter/jumper. Well actually I did equitation in college since that is what is offered in intercollegiate riding if you don't want to do western. Unfortunately I am on a break due to the lack of funds. Hopefully I will get to ride again soon since I miss it so much.
  10. SO true!!!

  11. they also have a LOVELY dressage saddle- hehe I love my passier but my next saddle will be a black hermes dressage saddle
  12. I'm also a dressagegal, but I haven't been competiting myself in years at all. Now I have an ex-dressage horse to ride (he's 15) and I've been planning that maybe next summer... :smile:

    IF we manage to proceed enough during the winter & spring. He's great horse though, he can teach so much to me. Now he's been on a vacation as he had problems with his foot. I haven't been show jumping in years too, maybe I should do that someday too :biggrin: But I just don't like it so much... Dressage is my thing :smile:
  13. so how is everyone doing? winter blues? our indoor is heated so Ive been riding, working on 3rd level basics, and perfecting canter halfpass, trying to make it more fluid
  14. lordy - however did i miss this thread???

    anyway, P&S -- my super-secret exercises for improving the HP in any gait:

    1. from X circle left, 10 m, in shoulder in; when you're approaching X at the end of the circle, begin a circle right, 10 m, in travers -- you'll find there's one point just before X where you are well positioned to start the second circle without changing the bend; when approaching X continue to circle right 10 m, but chance to shoulder in; approaching X circle left in travers.

    don't even THINK your horse will be on the bit for this -- he'll probably be tossing his head around and complaining about horse abuse. but it works magic.

    also, when you're riding HP, don't think about it as anthing special -- it's just a travers on a diagonal line. if you can ride haunches-in on the long side, then you can ride HP. when the angle gets steeper it IS slightly different, but by the time you get to steep angles and zig-zags HP will be old hat for you.

    ps -- you probably know all the above and are a better rider than me -- i just love talking riding!
  15. I'm doing pretty well. Today I went over the Level 1, test 1. I am slowly getting it down, but I have also been off for the past 3 weeks due to the holiday.