Dress length vs. formality

  1. I just purchased a Vera Wang dress today (on sale.. I couldn't resist). It's a cute little black dress;however the length of the dress is a bit shorter than my usual "formal" dresses. The dress is about an inch or two above my knee. The style of the dress is like a babydoll dress. The SA described it as very "chloe". Anyway i couldn't find a picture of the dress online so I'm posting another dress so you may have some idea what I'm referring to.

    [​IMG]See the picture in terms of how long the dress is. My main concern is whether such dress length would be considered inapprorpriate or not elegant enough for a more formal event, such as a wedding reception, a ball, etc?

    Advise plz!!
  2. okthat lenght for me is a "fun" lenght for going out to a fab restaurant a bar or a club with friends. but i would not wear it to anything formal (the babydoll shape is also something i would not wear to something formal)
    formal means for me kneelenght or floorlenght and nothing to funky or fashion forward
  3. if the wedding was black or white tie, i wouldn't do it, but if it was just a regular wedding reception, i'd say it's definately appropriate and quite cute. i'd say no to wearing it to a ball, though.
  4. I'd say it's fine for a cocktail party or for a wedding that is not black tie. I don't think it's formal enough for a black tie affair, a ball, etc.
  5. I'd say this length and style are great for a night out on the town or with friends but definitely inappropriate for a wedding or any sort of formal function. For such occasions, I think the dress has to be knee-length or below.
  6. ^agree:yes:
  7. Ditto -- gorgeous for a lot of weddings, especially afternoon ones, or cocktail parties...but if the event says black (or white!) tie, I might go w/ something else.

    But it's an adorable dress!
  8. Oh thank you all for your advises!!!