Dreams do actually come true....My first REVEAL!


Jan 4, 2014
Hello ladies,

I really don't know where to start - it all began about 2 years ago when I discovered that one of my favourtite photographers - Tim Walker - shot the mesmerizing campaigns for a British leather brand called Mulberry. At this time, I didn't pay much attention to the handbags and leathergoods they were making.

Fast forward to the Summer '13 - while I spent some time at hospital, I suddenly had an whimsical a/w campaign shoot in my fb feed. And this was the second I fell in love with Mulberry, their bags, the english countryside and craftship.

And there was one...one really special bag I fell in love with. I never could imagine to own it, it was too special for a smalltown girl like me.

But I strongly believe in fate...and through a lucky coincidence and with the help of some lovely ladies on here...my dream came true.

Anyone in for a reveal? :smile: